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WTF is a Play Cycle – Pt. 4

The Purpose of Play Cycles/Artist Prophet The Greeks were not only telling tales to reintegrate their citizens but they were developing stories that encapsulated their history, stories that allowed the viewer to examine civilization. In Julie Spark’s Playwrights’ Progress she states that the greek plays were performed as a mode of civic self-examination. Writers get […]

Thank God for the Pediatric ER

I’m writing this after coming home from two days in two different hospitals. Let’s be clear about one thing: I do not like hospitals. I’m not sure whether it’s the feeling of being surrounded by sickness or an unearthly atmosphere of frenetic sterility, but I do not like hospitals. With me I had my school […]

WTF is a play cycle – Pt. 3

Going All The Way To The Beginning – What Cycles Meant to the Greeks Skimming through the index of old theatre history textbooks looking for modern cycle plays I came across the word – Trilogy. Millennials typically think of a trilogy as a collection of books – that eventually turn into blockbuster movies but looking […]

What Kind of Artist Am I?

When you enter into an art school do not be alarmed to find a building full of people in a seemingly endless loop of existential crisis revolving around the question: What kind of artist am I? DON’T PANIC! Simply step over the people who have become trapped in their quest to categorize themselves, and make your way […]

Throwing Myself into the Net

As a senior Theatre Arts major expecting to graduate in the Spring, I will be born unto the world a baby freelancer. For the first time ever, I won’t have my mom (AKA the warm comfort of the institution of school) to show me the steps I need to take to reach my potential. There […]

Lessons Relearned

Right now I have no less than 6 drafts of blog posts. They’re a combination of half-formed thoughts and abandoned ideas. Things I have either been distracted from, deemed unworthy of finishing or simply given up on. Usually I don’t have a problem with free thinking prompts, or spaces that give unlimited possibilities to write […]

Do You Want Tears With That?

If you have known me for more than a week, you’ve probably seen me cry. I’m practically famous for it in my class. Something tense happens? Tears. Someone shares a touching story and gets choked up? I’m choking back my own swell of emotion. The wind blows the wrong way? Hit the waterworks. Whether it’s […]