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What is Dance Theatre?

Ever since coming to school to study theatre, I’ve been curious about how my experience as a choreographer and dancer can be in conversation with my training in crafting plays. As a performer, for a long time I felt inhibited by my dance training — specifically how technique (for instance, the specific codifications necessary for […]

An Hour with AXIS Dance Company

Today I had the incredible pleasure and honor to attend a collaborative workshop between the 2017 Acting Major class and AXIS Dance Company. AXIS is a dance company based in Oakland, California that exists to “change the face of dance and disability.” They are currently celebrating their 30th anniversary, and are here for a week-long residency […]



At this moment, I am undeniably meeting the arts world through a dance lens – forgive the lack of variety in posting subjects, I’m #just #too #lit about it. This weekend, Music Producer Antigo2hard and dance group The Williams Family came out with a new dance craze: the ICarltonChallenge. The challenge? Take the song “iCarlton” produced […]

A Semester on BU Fusion: Part One

A Semester on BU Fusion: Part One

This semester, I have found myself covered in a thin layer of strange fog. I keep doing weird things, I have dashed out of my apartment at warp speed, twice leaving fully-prepared breakfasts just sitting on my counter for a whole day. Maybe it’s a senior year thing, or I am too all-over the place, but I […]

Dance Theater is dance, ok? (a response to the Globe)

This weekend I saw Big Dance Theater’s production of their 25th anniversary show called “Short Form”. It was presented at the ICA in Boston, MA. This performance was a collection of short form dance piece ranging from 2 mins to 14 mins. These pieces involved beautiful uses of light, sound, projection, and motion. The creators […]

Gloria’s Cause: An Examination of Present America in Light of the Past

Dayna Hanson‘s piece Gloria’s Cause is first and foremost a collage. It is not entirely dance theater, not exactly a musical, and it is definitely not a straight play. It kind of takes place during the Revolutionary war and it also kind of takes place now. In my first encounter with it on Ontheboards.tv, I did […]

Re-creating the Product

This semester, I have the wonderful privilege of interning in stage management at Boston Ballet. I grew up dancing, started around 2 years old and competed on the studio’s dance team from age 9 to 17. It’s been wonderful to be immersed in dance again, and I am learning many interesting things about the world of professional dance and what it’s […]

Pina Bausch Syndrome-What We SHOULD Be Having

Pina Bausch’s dance company has done a magnificent thing since her passing in 2009: survived. In a recent article by The Telegraph, Sarah Crompton explores the past few years in the Tanztheater Wuppertal dance company and how the evolution of the company has not only continued, but thrived in bringing in young and new collaborators. […]

Art Injuries

I’ve been having one of those existential thoughts lurking around in my head the past week. It’s to do with injuries. What do they mean to us? When do we risk them? What are the differences between those that happen in a moment, and those gained slowly over time? The Superbowl happened and I watched […]

Kiss & Cry (& Cry & Cry & Cry)

Last week, a friend and dramaturg, Amrita Ramanan, recommended that I attend a production at Arts Emerson by the Belgian dance company, Charleroi Danses.  The piece is called Kiss & Cry.  Kiss & Cry is hard to categorize—it is not just theatre, not just film, and not just dance, but an intricate combination of the […]


In the wake of the newest iPhone updates and technological renovations, artists have begun speaking out on the negative effects of the newest software. I’m thinking specifically about comedian, Louis C.K. who went on The Conan Show last week, and instead of speaking about his newest stand-up hour or his recent Emmy nomination, he used […]

The Value of Tradition

Many people thrive on tradition in different environments with countless reasons; religion, culture, security, respect, ritual, habit… etc. It act as a pillar and without it, a system could crumble into a pointless nothing. But like anything in this naturally balanced world we live in, it does not come without sacrifice. Consider classical ballet. I […]