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Neurodiversity: To Medicate or Not to Medicate

To justify why this is the place to put this content – Neurodiversity is something I engage with in the content of my artistic endevors and also think about when in the room working with others. I think neurodiversity is an necessary thing to consider with some gusto since we work in a very collaborative […]

Presentation Matters!

Presentation matters. I am someone who tends to focus on ideas, daydreams and questions, and forget about form. As Jon Savage emphasizes in his Painting and Drawing class, no one takes the content seriously if the presentation is weak. His class forces me to think about how much time it takes to make stronger choices […]

Do you want to go see a play?

What do I write about? What do I care about? What’s important right now? Is anything important right now? Is anyone listening? Is theatre important? Are we doing anything? Or is it nothing better than a frantic shout into an unforgiving void? Why this play now? Why any play now? Do plays do anything? Do […]

WTF is a Play Cycle – Pt. 4

The Purpose of Play Cycles/Artist Prophet The Greeks were not only telling tales to reintegrate their citizens but they were developing stories that encapsulated their history, stories that allowed the viewer to examine civilization. In Julie Spark’s Playwrights’ Progress she states that the greek plays were performed as a mode of civic self-examination. Writers get […]

Facing the Future’s Looming Presence

As a senior in college, I keep getting asked the same questions over and over again. “What do you want to do after graduation?” “What can you do with a theatre major?” “Do you want to be a Broadway star?” (Let’s be real, though. If an opportunity to be on Broadway came knocking at my door, you […]


I came into the process of Our Town with a few ideas about the play. It’s overdone. My mother announced my casting assignment to the web of her community and people of my grandmother and mother’s generations came out in droves to tell me what character they played in high school… Is wide acclaim and […]

Devising Theatre

Theatre is always an experiment. There are independent variables. Always. But, I am specifically interested in theatre that is designed to be and is regarded as, “experimental.” This semester I am a student in Jeremy Orighner’s Collaborative Theatre Ensemble class. At 9:30am every Tuesday and Thursday I dive into Devised Theatre Land. I am in […]