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There. Now that I’ve got your attention, I should probably inform you that I am probably a playwright. My caring and loving friends and professors keep telling me so. I remain skeptical. In my little life, I’ve started plenty of plays. I have a marvelous routine. I get to page 8 or so, and then I […]

Plays & Pancakes & Prosecco

Plays & Pancakes & Prosecco

Yesterday morning, in my very own College Apartment, a new play grew even stronger. On this gross, rainy Monday, my home was aflutter. A Facebook invite went out. Bisquick, orange juice, and prosecco came in. As my roommates and I waited excitedly for our peers to show up, I was of no productive use – I jumped […]

Cursed Child: Is the play the thing?

I will unabashedly admit that Harry Potter takes up a considerable amount of my everyday existence. I truly can’t imagine my life without the wonderful universe that Ms. J. K. Rowling has so generously gifted us Muggles. So, naturally, as a theatre student and Potterhead I was thrilled to learn when it was announced that there was going […]

Sorry, Writers…

I’ve gotten the chance to work on a couple new plays over the past six months, and never once did I think about the writer’s being paid for their work. I was lucky enough to be a part of the production team on Williamstown Theatre Festival’s production of A Great Wilderness. Through the eight weeks of […]

Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Theatre…

But C1’s The Flick is lighting a few matches. One of the most exciting pieces of theatre on the horizon is Annie Baker’s newest play, The Flick. After its world premiere at Playwright’s Horizons in 2013 and subsequent New England premiere at Company One, this play is brand new and catching like wildfire. One of […]

Children’s Theatre: Is It A Vehicle To Approach Change?

To be honest, I am not sure… That’s why I am sitting here, quite honestly uncomfortably, pondering the question. An article on HowlRound sparked this thought process. The Binary Theatre Company in November put on a performance of “The Jester’s Cap” which is a a play aimed at younger audiences, around middle school age. One non-cited internet […]

The Easy Choice

Previously on this blog I have advocated for the consideration of stage managers as theatre artists, citing our creative sensibilities in communicating notes from the rehearsal room, and the influence we can have on the execution of the design elements in a production. I truly believe this, and recognize in myself my own capacity for […]