It’s Not About You

You know what makes me A N G R Y? That people don’t care about the rapidly vanishing bee population? Well yes, but that’s not what I’m going to talk about. What makes me grind my teeth and tense my jaw is when actors make the work about them. Over the past few semesters I’ve […]

Laughing Through the End of the World

The end of all things is something that I fear. Especially when I’m trying to fall asleep at night or when I wake up early and haven’t had coffee. How do I deal with this? By writing comedic plays about the end of the world. Like one I started today about a giant monster named […]

At The Intersection: Is Drag a Problem?

It’s very difficult to not be problematic. Even for a someone who puts a conscious effort into unpacking his privilege, there are gaps, gaffs and mistakes that range from the micro to the macro. It’s not something I’m pleased about but it’s something I have to face, to deconstruct and for the love of god own […]

We’re NOT an MT Program…are we?

I used to be a musical theatre kid to the MAX. Not just to the max, but to the Max Bialystock. Then I came to BU and musical theatre took a back seat which was exactly what I needed when I first came into the program. My world was exploded from the world of the musical […]

Feeling Empty

Sometimes I sit down to write these posts and I find that I have very little to say, sitting here thinking about how I have nothing to say makes me think about the general emptiness that can come with being an artist. In discussions, I’ve had with fellow artists I’ve found the common trend of […]

Let’s Talk About Drag, Again!

Perhaps I will sound like a broken record by having another discussion about drag but who says that’s a bad thing? This weekend I had the pleasure of performing 2 numbers in the charity drag show Drag on Fire and at the risk of sounding daramtic…my life was changed. I came alive. The moment I was […]

Babashook! A Gay Odyssey

DID YOU HEAR THE NEWS?! THE BABADOOK AND PENNYWISE THE CLOWN HAVE STARTED DATING!!!! The latest development in the trend of cinema’s villains becoming gay icons. While on the surface it may seem like a harmless pop culture joke to turn such despicable characters into rainbow flag waving, twink chasing big silly homos but if we […]