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Workshop Ahead

Workshop Ahead

Every playwright I know is excited by the idea of a workshop, and I’m no different. Getting a script off of the page and into actors’ mouths is crucial for a play’s development. I’m currently lucky enough to be anticipating a week-long workshop at the University of Tulsa as the 2017 winner of WomenWorks. As […]

WTF is a Play Cycle – Pt. 4

The Purpose of Play Cycles/Artist Prophet The Greeks were not only telling tales to reintegrate their citizens but they were developing stories that encapsulated their history, stories that allowed the viewer to examine civilization. In Julie Spark’s Playwrights’ Progress she states that the greek plays were performed as a mode of civic self-examination. Writers get […]

WTF is a play cycle – Pt. 3

Going All The Way To The Beginning – What Cycles Meant to the Greeks Skimming through the index of old theatre history textbooks looking for modern cycle plays I came across the word – Trilogy. Millennials typically think of a trilogy as a collection of books – that eventually turn into blockbuster movies but looking […]

Writing a Ten Minute Play

In Playwriting I, we just turned in our “final revision” of out ten minute play. We were asked to use the structure outlined in Gary Garrison’s book, A More Perfect Ten: Page 1- 2: set up world, introduce central characters and make sure we understand what they want/need/desire through the journey of the play. Page […]

What Do I Want to Say?

I’m in Autobio this semester. It’s the first time I’ve written in a long time. And I’m loving it. I used to love writing, as a kid. But I grew up and developed a lot of anxiety, so I boxed up my writing and hid it in a drawer. Somewhere around high school, I lost […]

BOUND Part I: Introduction

I was living in Portland, Maine, when I got the call. Or so the memory goes. Jasmine Ireland, my mentor, artistic soul mate, friend, had a proposition: move back to my coastal, rural Maine home and create  a play for the 2016 high school one act competition. No questions asked, I packed up my apartment, […]

Writing “Evil”

One of the old adages of playwriting is that you should love all your characters. After all, if you’re creating them, you think they’re important to your story, and subtlety will make that story shine all the more brightly. So–even your villains should have a personality, a rationale, a “way in” that lets us see […]