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An Open Letter to My First Critic

Dear Mr. Critic, You probably don’t remember me. Or maybe you do? Maybe. But, probably not. I’m writing you because, well, because I want to apologize. I guess I should start by re-introducing myself to you. I’m Kira, Kira Rockwell; I write plays. Does the name ring a bell yet? No? Oh–sure, yeah that’s okay. […]

When Art Inspires Art

This week I had the absolute honor of taking on a dramaturgical exploration of playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney and his body of work. In a short summary of his bio, McCraney is from Miami where he was raised in Liberty City, an inner-city housing project known for it’s devastating poverty. From an early age he […]

Storytelling Outside of Your Own Experience

“What right do you have to tell stories outside your experience?” This question crops up again and again as a director, and while it’s certainly a valid question, I’m wholly disinterested in it. Rather, I actively advocate for engaging in storytelling outside of your own experience. I think it’s essential. As a director, my job is […]

Its Cheaper Than Therapy

I write about myself. A lot. I may change names or looks but there’s a high chance that if I written anything I’ve felt passionate about it, it’s based on people and events in my life. I honestly don’t know if I am capable of writing about anything else. -For Example- My second life-river was […]

Devising: So Easy, Even A Kid Can Do It!

Devising: So Easy, Even A Kid Can Do It!

Recently I was cast in BU’s Identity Project, a devised piece of theatre that grapples with identity as a human being. From Day-1 of this project, I was overwhelmed. A play out of nothing? A good play out of nothing? A play that asks real questions and provokes people to ask real questions out of NOTHING?! […]

Sorry, Writers…

I’ve gotten the chance to work on a couple new plays over the past six months, and never once did I think about the writer’s being paid for their work. I was lucky enough to be a part of the production team on Williamstown Theatre Festival’s production of A Great Wilderness. Through the eight weeks of […]

50 Years of bringing new work to life

Thank goodness for TCG and their journal, American Theatre.  I began my subscription to American Theatre because I realized that I was very focused on what was happening in the Boston Theatre scene, but was not aware of what was happening in my art form in the rest of the country.  This was a problem.  […]