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I Don’t Like Ten Minute Plays

Sorry. I tried really freaking hard to find an appreciation for them this semester when I took a course all about the form, but alas… I feel like ten minute plays are primary used for theatre fundraisers, 24 Hour festivals, and summer festivals. Just recently we heard how Actor’s Theatre of Louisville will discontinue their […]

Responsibility When Writing Outside of Personal Experience

For Playwriting I, our final is a one act to full length play. I am writing about a woman in her 70s managing PTSD after she was raped working for the army. I can only imagine what it is like to be that age and what its like navigating the world of the army. I […]

The Soul Through a Slit Lamp

The view through a slit lamp is equal parts intimate and clinical, often quite awkward. It’s an ophthalmological tool, used to examine the exterior structure of the eye. The gateway to the soul we are so crazy about. In the theatre world, we talk a lot about the different “hats” we wear, but I’m finding […]

Multilingual Playwriting; or, English is Not a Default

When I sit down to write a scene or a play, the first thought that comes to my head is usually not, “What’s the plot,” or, “What do these people want from each other?” Call it bad technique, call it what you will, but the first question that usually pops in my mind is, “Is […]

Statement of Objective

These three words together scare the shit out of me. I always question if I want to apply to programs that request a statement of objective – I feel locked in, panicked and I want to scream. I worry that I’m going to deliver a statement that sounds very inauthentic to who I am. It’s […]

A Prayer: Part II

Dear Whoever’s Listening, Hi again. Nice chatting with you, or I guess not with you, but at you at least. Anyway, yes, hi, I have some things to share since we last spoke. When last I raised my eyes toward the skies and made a post on the blog in your direction, I promised that […]

If You Liked This Album, Check Out This Playwright! Pt 3

If You Liked This Album, Check Out This Playwright! Pt 3

And we’re back . . . If you liked Marry Me by St. Vincent . . . . . . . check out Jen Silverman! I was introduced to St. Vincent on a 2016 mixtape made by a dear friend. I would listen to ‘Actor Out Of Work’ while driving my mom’s truck through the backwoods of […]