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Why was this put on stage?

American Theatre Magazine recently published an article  responding to Marin Theatre Company’s production of Thomas Bradshaw’s Thomas and Sally, a new play that depicts the complicated romantic relationship between Thomas Jefferson and his slave Sally Hemmings. Since the show’s opening on September 28, audiences and members of the arts community have given this new work a lot […]

Discovery on Boats

I had just gotten home last Friday night after seeing SpeakEasy’s production of Jaclyn Backhaus’ play Men On Boats. I remembered my last encounter with material revolving around manifest destiny. High School, Junior Year, history(?) class. Engaging with Men On Boats versus my high school text book… well, let’s just call them very different experiences. […]

Questions About Identity

So I’m coming out. Not as a bi woman (Lol I’ve already done that. And if you didn’t know… well now you do.) But as a Jew. In my four years at Boston University, not once have I mentioned that my ancestry, heritage and ethnicity, are of Jewish descent. There are a couple reasons for this: […]

The Play’s the Thing eh? Yeah I Wish.

So at this point, I believe we’re all familiar with the whole Pence attends Hamilton, Hamilton cast addresses him directly about their concerns, everyone (read: mostly right-wing, including Trump himself) attacks the Hamilton cast for bringing their politics to the stage and “harassing” Pence. Mike Rowe, former host of the tv show Dirty Jobs, also had […]

Layers and Layers – ‘Father Comes Home from the Wars’

Layers and Layers – ‘Father Comes Home from the Wars’

I sat down to Father Comes Home from the Wars at the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge from a position of total ignorance. I didn’t even look through the program prior to the play starting. I approached with no preconceptions, and so my process of watching was also a process of discovery, and of allowing the deep layers of […]

“It feels like it happened…”

Suzan-Lori Parks is awesome. Well, duh. I mean, have you seen her hair? But in all seriousness, if you’re not already familiar with this brilliant, clever, down to earth playwright, you should be. Yesterday, I went with three other women in my Contemporary Drama class at BU to see Father Comes Home from the Wars […]

My Queer Obsession

In his 1989 Introduction to FOB, David Henry Hwang details his journey to “define his place in America” as a minority, centering on his identity as an Asian-American artist. Hwang specifies two stages of his exploration that he has since moved beyond: the assimilation phase, where he tried to “out-white the whites” in order to gain […]

Artistry, History, or Gimmick?

This fall, Broadway will be graced with a bit of tradition. The London Globe productions of Shakespeare’s Richard the 3rd  and Twelfth Night; or What you Will are coming to New York for a strict sixteen-week engagement. Both shows will begin previews October 15th and besides featuring renowned actor and former Globe artistic director, Mark […]