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Questions About Identity

So I’m coming out. Not as a bi woman (Lol I’ve already done that. And if you didn’t know… well now you do.) But as a Jew. In my four years at Boston University, not once have I mentioned that my ancestry, heritage and ethnicity, are of Jewish descent. There are a couple reasons for this: […]

The Play’s the Thing eh? Yeah I Wish.

So at this point, I believe we’re all familiar with the whole Pence attends Hamilton, Hamilton cast addresses him directly about their concerns, everyone (read: mostly right-wing, including Trump himself) attacks the Hamilton cast for bringing their politics to the stage and “harassing” Pence. Mike Rowe, former host of the tv show Dirty Jobs, also had […]

Layers and Layers – ‘Father Comes Home from the Wars’

Layers and Layers – ‘Father Comes Home from the Wars’

I sat down to Father Comes Home from the Wars at the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge from a position of total ignorance. I didn’t even look through the program prior to the play starting. I approached with no preconceptions, and so my process of watching was also a process of discovery, and of allowing the deep layers of […]

“It feels like it happened…”

Suzan-Lori Parks is awesome. Well, duh. I mean, have you seen her hair? But in all seriousness, if you’re not already familiar with this brilliant, clever, down to earth playwright, you should be. Yesterday, I went with three other women in my Contemporary Drama class at BU to see Father Comes Home from the Wars […]

My Queer Obsession

In his 1989 Introduction to FOB, David Henry Hwang details his journey to “define his place in America” as a minority, centering on his identity as an Asian-American artist. Hwang specifies two stages of his exploration that he has since moved beyond: the assimilation phase, where he tried to “out-white the whites” in order to gain […]

Artistry, History, or Gimmick?

This fall, Broadway will be graced with a bit of tradition. The London Globe productions of Shakespeare’s Richard the 3rd  and Twelfth Night; or What you Will are coming to New York for a strict sixteen-week engagement. Both shows will begin previews October 15th and besides featuring renowned actor and former Globe artistic director, Mark […]