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SITI Company’s Trojan Women and the Boston Bombings

Lauren Thomas Contemporary Drama Ilana Brownstein 21 April 2013 SITI Company’s Trojan Woman (After Euripides) As the title suggests, SITI Company’s Trojan Woman (After Euripides) seeks to contemporize Euripides’ play centuries after it was first performed in 415 BC. The SITI Company was founded by Trojan Woman’s director, Anne Bogart, and Tadashi Suzuki in 1992. […]

You See?: Critical Response to AN ILIAD at ArtsEmerson

An Iliad was one of the most intensely affecting pieces of live storytelling that I have ever seen. It spoke to me as a citizen of the world and also galvanized me as a theatre artist. I feel fortunate to live in Boston during the time of ArtsEmerson — I was not only able to […]

The Soldier’s Entrance

Late last Thursday night I was at work on a presentation about Sarah Kane’s 1995 play, Blasted, at the BU Library. My Facebook status that evening read something like, “If you need me, I’ll be in the library crying over Sarah Kane.” It had a been a long and difficult week of violence and troubled young people, […]

A Critique of SITI Company’s Trojan Women at ArtsEmerson

I am not quite sure following the SITI Company’s Trojan Women: After Euripides whether I was intended to have had a cathartic release of grief, to feel intense hope for the future, or simply believe that there is no good and I cannot even die to end my suffering. The play was skillfully put together […]

Reflections on the past week in Boston

The past week in Boston felt like (I ask you with my whole heart to please forgive me for this:) a marathon. Many hearts broke in many different ways, and many wounded people reached into themselves in order to find words to communicate their experience. Stuck inside for so much of the week, I found […]

What’s with all the violence?

It seems so oddly coincidental and important that this week we read Sarah Kane’s Blasted, and Ken Urban’s Sense of An Ending – as laurenjthomas said – the same week as the Boston Marathon bombings, and for the same day during which the remaining suspect was captured. and the explosion in West, Texas. As an American I find […]

A chance for class discussion…

I was glad to read Ciera’s post Is Forgiveness a Greater Act For Man, especially as we’re on lock down in our homes. With the bombings at the Boston Marathon, the defeat of the background check plan in Senate, the killings and violence at the protest in Caracas, the explosion in Texas, plus numerous other awful […]

Is forgiveness a greater act for man?

In a very weird coincidence, this article by the Catholic Sun came out today about a Rwandan genocide survivor finally receiving American citizenship on Wednesday. In the article she talks about where she hid for three months while nearly her entire family were slaughtered next door. Years later, she visits her family’s murderer in jail […]

we’re all fighting monsters

I just wrote an analysis of She Kills Monsters, and I wanted to address a tangent here that simply wouldn’t fit there.  In the notes and first draft of the other post, I wrote: Reality is unfulfilling. But we can still be fulfilled. I think that notion is incredibly important to think about in the […]

Love for Boston from NYC

I’m sure everyone has seen at least one of these images, as they have been posted all over facebook and twitter. I thought it was important to include these in the blog, since it shows simple ways that simple “acts of art” can help join communities in times of need. These two projections, along with […]

Times Like These

I want to keep this post as journal entry-less as possible, and not too long, for many of us, including myself, are probably still in the thick of processing the tragedy that happened on marathon monday today. It is a sad thing when any celebration is interrupted by violence, no matter the scale, and that […]