Peek Behind the Pages

In addition to my previous posts Playwrights Play with Playlists & First Day Jitters I wanted to give you a peek at a few tools I use during my writing. Plays are meant to be lived off the page and the more I can get my focus off the page itself, the better. The following resource help me […]

First Day Jitters

Next Monday will be the very first rehearsal for my play, NOMAD AMERICANA, which is being produced by Fresh Ink Theatre here in Boston. As usual, I’m a kaleidoscope of emotions. All of the emotions, positive, negative, all at once, and it’s not like I’m counting down the hours or anything…cause I’m not…okay, maybe I […]

I Don’t Like Ten Minute Plays

Sorry. I tried really freaking hard to find an appreciation for them this semester when I took a course all about the form, but alas… I feel like ten minute plays are primary used for theatre fundraisers, 24 Hour festivals, and summer festivals. Just recently we heard how Actor’s Theatre of Louisville will discontinue their […]

My Favorite Play

My favorite play is Katori Hall’s The Mountaintop. In it she tells the fictional story of the night before King’s assassination at the Lorraine Motel. The play doesn’t ask to be a history play about the hero King but rather serves to be a portrayal of the human King. The opening scene you hear King peeing […]

Playwrights Play with Playlists

I am loving the trend happening these days where playwrights are making public Spotify playlists that accompany their new plays. I’m sure the act of playwrights creating playlist for their plays has been happening for years in various forms; burned CD’s, iPod playlists, etc, but what is special about the current form is how publicly […]

The C-Word

Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit. – E.E. Cummings I will be confident. I will be confident. I will be confident. I will be confident. I will be confident. I will be confident. I will be confident. I will be confident. I will be confident. My fellow playwriting cohorts and […]

So I Don’t Forget

Instead of… Stare at a blank page. Fall into a pit of self destruction. Let the minutes tick, tock by. Compare myself to someone else. Do nothing. Say sorry. Negative self talk. Bully myself. Go through the motions. Give up. Project on a loved one. Hide. Isolate. Binge Netflix to escape. To avoid. To go […]

Who is This For?

When we approach a new project, one of the questions we need to be asking ourselves is who is this for? Who is the intended audience we want to hear, see, experience this story on stage? And in today’s world where the necessity of the art is being challenged, knowing who this is for and […]

Let’s Discuss “Women+ In Theatre”

In case you missed it, last week, five female identifying theatre artists created a closed Facebook group called Women in Theatre, now titled something different, but we’ll get to that. And yo, sh** got real, real quick. Before I dive any further, I feel its super important to note that I myself identify as a white […]

Home Sweet Home

Last week, a fellow collaborator of mine gifted my hubs and I tickets to see HOME by Geoff Sobelle at ArtsEmerson’s Paramount Center’s Robert J. Orchard Stage. The production begins with a single ghost light on a mostly bare stage, upon which Sobelle and a group of actors acsend upon to build a home. The home […]

American Theatre’s Most Produced of 2017-2018

Last week, American Theatre magazine released its list of the most produced playwrights this season. Even if you’re not really into commercial theatre, the lists may still prove themselves relevant to understand the theatre of the now… the produced theatre of the now. It’s also important to note that plays by Shakespeare are discounted from […]

With Bruce Lazarus of Samuel French

Last week, the Boston Playwright’s Theatre hosted a Publishing/Copyrights workshop with Samuel French Executive Director, Bruce Lazarus. He started off by saying, “This is going to be a lot so just imagine you’re drinking from a fire hose–get what you need.” So friends, here’s what I got, drink up. Playwrights own their work. Everyone else […]

The Theatrical Container Store

I’ve been thinking recently a lot about containers. Not these… Or those… Even though shipping containers, surprisingly but not surprisingly, are a fairly recent trend in theatre performance. See for yourself in an article from American Theatre, HERE, where they look at Serenbe Playhouse’s production of Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire that was staged inside a recycled […]

You Gotta go See Barbecue!

“Robert O’Hara’s new play, “Barbecue,” is my idea of an American classic, or the kind of classic we need. Although its fecund imagination seems unlimited, the work wouldn’t exist if it didn’t have the junk of our times to feed on—and spit out.” -Hilton Als with The New Yorker A couple weeks back I had […]

The Art of Risk

Sometimes I wish I could post anonymously. I mean I probably could look into it if I really wanted to, but then it wouldn’t count towards my grade. Sooo….. Fear of judgement. The noisy little cloud above me, always. Risk. Fail. Risk again. A phrase I see used by National Theatre Institute. Its simple enough, right? […]

The Nine Stages of a Relationship with Your Ideas

I love the feeling of flirting with a new idea. The little whisper within. The spark of arousal and excitement of newness dancing around your mind. But, like any human relationship, newness of ideas fade off and good ideas take work. So here we are, the nine stages of a relationship with your ideas. Stage […]

Thoughts on Teresita Fernandez Commencement Address

“Being an artist is not just about what when you are in the studio. The way you live, the people you choose to love and the way you love them, the way you vote, the words that come out of your mouth, the size of the world you make for yourselves, your ability to influence […]

Don’t Steal My Soul!!!!!!

Sometimes, in theatre, I’m scared to share my developing ideas with others because of the fear that someone might steal them from me. Not all the time–it’s not like life gripping fear. But it is a thought in the back of my head from time to time when I’m asked to share my ideas (plays) […]

Call for Submissions: Resume of Failures

I, Kira Rockwell, invite all playwrights who have “MADE IT,” to submit their resume to me to be studied by me in my 2017-2018 season at Boston University. Theme: FAILURE SubThemes:GRITTY, FRUSTRATION, DESPAIR, WHEN YOU ALMOST GAVE UP The Deadline for Submissions: you missed it… but send it in anyway ASAP! Guidelines: Playwright must have had at least […]

An Open Letter to My First Critic

Dear Mr. Critic, You probably don’t remember me. Or maybe you do? Maybe. But, probably not. I’m writing you because, well, because I want to apologize. I guess I should start by re-introducing myself to you. I’m Kira, Kira Rockwell; I write plays. Does the name ring a bell yet? No? Oh–sure, yeah that’s okay. […]