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Clubbing with Shakespeare at The Donkey Show

Clubbing with Shakespeare at The Donkey Show

Three years ago, freshman me walked through Harvard Square on a Saturday night and saw a long line of people dressed in absurdly glittery (and awesome) 70’s attire. A friend and I stopped, stared, and asked some glitter-rocking people what they were waiting in line for. “For The Donkey Show,” they told us, “a Midsummer […]

I Expected Windows!

This weekend I attended the Abbey Theatre’s visiting production of The Plough and the Stars by Sean O’Casey at the A.R.T. On my way to the theatre, I tried to remind myself of all the things that fascinated me about The Plough and the Stars. In between rainy Sunday afternoon yawns and puddles, I thought […]

Layers and Layers – ‘Father Comes Home from the Wars’

Layers and Layers – ‘Father Comes Home from the Wars’

I sat down to Father Comes Home from the Wars at the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge from a position of total ignorance. I didn’t even look through the program prior to the play starting. I approached with no preconceptions, and so my process of watching was also a process of discovery, and of allowing the deep layers of […]

A Father Comes Home from the Wars and Hopefully He is Here to Stay

Renaissance philosopher Sir Phillip Sidney writes in his “In Defense of Posey,” that art can’t ever lie because it is the one thing in life that never claims to be fact. I was thinking about this a lot while watching the first three parts of Susan-Lori Park’s new soon-to-be nine part play cycle, Father Comes […]

“It feels like it happened…”

Suzan-Lori Parks is awesome. Well, duh. I mean, have you seen her hair? But in all seriousness, if you’re not already familiar with this brilliant, clever, down to earth playwright, you should be. Yesterday, I went with three other women in my Contemporary Drama class at BU to see Father Comes Home from the Wars […]

The Price of Freedom

Freedom is a word that is used quiet loosely here in America. Freedom is something we as American citizens know that we have but the reality is that most of the population is not aware of what it has cost those who are fighting to secure it. Speaking personally, My father served as a major […]

History is Time that Won’t Quit (much to our dismay)

In Suzan-Lori Parks‘ essay “The Elements of Style” she writes,”History is time that won’t quit.” It is a line set apart from the others. It has its own title: history. For that reason it stands out (though a number of other lines have their own titles too, so it does not stand out too much). When I first […]