A few weeks ago, I saw Brawler by Walk McGough at the BPT. I cringed in my seat through the whole thing, suffering as I often do from terrible second-hand embarrassment, but texted my friends the moment I was out of my theatre to tell them they had to see it. I love stories about […]

A Brief Recomendation

I want to make a brief show recommendation. If you aren’t following Legion on FX, which just started its second season, I would suggest you start. There are a lot of reasons, from its obsessively constructed aesthetic to its engaging acting to its minor details. But really why I keep watching it’s a show about […]

On Mental Ilness in Art, one example

The Southern Reach Books by Jeff Vandermeer gave me the word terroir. I’m sure I would have eventually stumbled upon it on my own, but they can claim the small honor of having given it to me. I have been thinking about my personal terroir, the things inherent to me and to my environment that […]

A Lucky Grouping

At last week’s Monday Meet Up, Brendan, Dev and I all read in Stevens play. At ten am we trickled in one by one and sat in a circle waiting for the thing to start, whooping and laughing as we caught up. Kirstin looked up from her grading for a moment to say “Looks like […]

Don’t Meet Your Heroes

JK Rowling is a TERF. Or well she follows TERFS on twitter and reads shares their articles and refuses to denounce them, which in this day and age is basically the same things. I’m not one of those people who holds tight with white knuckled fingers to the Harry Potter books, its impossible to these […]

What can we learn from sports (writing)?

This week I picked up String Theory which is a book solely dedicated to David Foster Wallace’s writings on tennis. It’s a spectacular collection and seeing each piece in series with the other sketches an arc of both his writing and his relationship to the game. While the collection its self is remarkable, me purchasing […]

Witnessing Madness, A Review of Sleep No More

Two weeks ago I saw Sleep No More, an immersive version of Macbeth that has breathed a sort of life into an old warehouse in New York. I both loved it and I hated it. For context, inside the confines of the play space the audience is free to wander, to open drawers and peak […]

Art in the 2 Minute Era or: How I Learned to Make Art and Hate the Bomb

Today the doomsday clock was set to 2 minutes till midnight. Was the clock not already at 11:58? Has it not been at 11:58 for as long as I have been alive? It seems to me that I have been living in the dusk of two minutes to midnight for years now. It seems to me […]