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Art in the 2 Minute Era or: How I Learned to Make Art and Hate the Bomb

Today the doomsday clock was set to 2 minutes till midnight. Was the clock not already at 11:58? Has it not been at 11:58 for as long as I have been alive? It seems to me that I have been living in the dusk of two minutes to midnight for years now. It seems to me […]

Why is tech week a thing?

Recently, towards the beginning of tech week over at the Charlestown Working Theater where Actors’ Shakespeare Project is producing Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II, I overheard my director speaking with our lighting designer about how he wishes that the traditional theatre rehearsal process was not one that separated the actors’ rehearsal from the designers’ construction of the […]

Why We Have Yet to Pop Our CFA Bubble

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to any other CFA student reading this post that we as artists and members of the BU community are extremely insular. Throughout my four years here, this conversation has been brought up in a multitude of ways, by many if not most of us. Who comes to see our […]

Viewing the Arts Through Trump-Colored Glasses

I recently started watching The Young Pope on HBO, which stars Jude Law as a self-obsessed, tyrannical, and incredibly stunted ruler who is more concerned with his own image than the good of his people. Sound familiar? The Young Pope clearly understands its role in todays political milieu. Law’s Holy Father “says what he thinks, directly, loudly, whether people […]

The STEAM-y Approach to Science and Art

My first introduction to science education was through my father, who has been a NASA employee for over 35 years. He works in education and outreach for the agency which focuses on many things including the encouragement of young people to connect with science and math. I didn’t really start to care about my dad’s job […]

Big Dance, Big Tech!

This past weekend, I saw Big Dance Theater’s Short Form at the ICA, in part because of Ilana’s recommendation, in part because I needed to see a dance piece for my Light and Movement class, and in part because I’m trying to get myself out into the creative world of Boston more often to appreciate […]

The Big Merge: Internet and Theatre

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Some will reject it all together, some will half-ass-idly try to incorporate it, many will fail, but sometimes and someday we will find a way, the way to merge the internet, social media and our smartphones with the staged theatre. An article on HowlRound explored different possibilities and […]


Okay, I know my blog title is cute, but really Bombsite and Bomb magazine are the best things that have come into my life as young artist. The brash and honest interviews, the flowing language, it all melds together into a powerful collage of contemporary theatre analysis. I was reading an article in which Richard […]

Forced Empathy?

Ok hold on guys…I have got to talk about this thing I just found. This morning, I read an article on NPR news called Sensory Fiction: Books That Let You Feel What the Characters Do, which announces a new invention that… By combining networked sensors and actuators, the wearable can change lighting, sound, temperature, chest tightness […]

Matchmaker, Matchmaker: The New Play does Online Dating

Anyone ever been on OkCupid? It’s a hipper match.com, an online dating site which has you declare you interests (from sociopolitical to sexual), take personality quizzes, and post some arresting photos—all to attract a potential mate. Once you’ve completed your OkCupid profile, you’re visible to all sorts of local hopefuls who may or may not […]

About Time…for joy.

Last night, I had the absolute pleasure of watching the film About Time starring Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams. While I enjoyed myself more than I have in quite a long time watching a film, I found myself asking the question ‘why now?’ I’ve been asking that question a lot lately. I’ve discovered that if a […]

The “POWER” of Duff: A show worth experiencing

This past weekend I had the pleasure of seeing several pieces of truly incredible theatre. Everything I saw was inspiring and noteworthy. Even a week later I am still digesting what I saw. Although I would love to chat about all three of the shows, I will focus primarily on The Huntington Theatre Company’s The […]

Information Overload

I have found myself very averse to technology as of late. I tire of seeing people behind small glowing screens, even when they are out with their friends or family, trying to enjoy each other’s ‘company.’ However I believe I have no fallen on the opposite side of the spectrum in terms of leaving that […]

When The Lights Go Out…

  What can be said about the end of the world now that couldn’t be said on December 21st, 2012? For one, there seems to be a lot more ambiguity surrounding the subject. Ancient predictions on Mayan calendars, mixed with post-Y2K anit-climax, have begun to infuse them with more and more film and theatre over […]

Theatre for Young Adults, Theatre for Young Artists

 Last year I was bombarded by classes that asked me to question myself as an artist. Overwhelmed, sitting on my bed, rereading a beloved teen novel for comfort I turned to my roommate and said, “Everything I do, I want to do for thirteen year old me.” It’s true, though. When I was thirteen I […]