Plays in Performance

Plays in Performance Response #449

Skeleton Crew Response So, I saw Skeleton Crew (at the Calderwood Pavilion produced by the Huntington Theatre Company). My first Dominique Morisseau play I have ever seen. As a black theatre artist, I am ashamed that this was the first play of hers I have ever heard after learning about her name in the past […]

A Letter of Thanks

My senior thesis. This weekend. aaaaaAAAAHHHH!!!!! This is probably the shortest tech week process I have ever been apart of. loaded in Monday. Tech days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is open dress. Friday we open. WOW. Though there are many things I could look to as sources of stress, I want to instead flip […]

An interview with playwright, Olivia Z. Cote; director, Jasmine Brooks; and dramaturg, Elena Toppo of the World Premiere of Final Flight

Final Flight is a new play by Olivia Z. Cote that is being produced as apart of the Senior Theatre Arts Majors Productions’ season at Boston University, School of Theatre. I conducted the following interview with my thesis partners, Olivia and Elena, as a way for us to discover more about this play, Olivia’s process […]

I Fell in Love with an Actor

Yesterday, at 2pm, I saw a show. And I fell in love. Have you ever felt that rush of electricity buzz to your fingertips as your body perked up in confusion? Well, she made my body perk.                                      […]


Tonight, I saw a show where the lead did not know their lines. Before I go off, I will say the actor was the third replacement after the other two actors for the role dropped out. During this 7th performance of the run, this actor was stumbling on their lines and holding an Ipad only […]

We’re on each other’s [production] team

This week my senior thesis, Theresa Rebeck’s Seminar, teched, opened, and closed. Within one week, we loaded in five huge pieces of furniture, printed a poster, and went though a ton of troubleshooting to get lights, sound, and transitions up to speed. There were only a few bumps in the road, and overall everything came together, but […]

An Intimate Analysis of Intimate Apparel

I want to open this post by addressing the elephant in the room: this is not the blog post you were promised. Last week, I published a piece that serves as the springboard for a conversation I’m very much interested in having about cross-cultural sharing between Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. In it, I mentioned […]