Plays in Performance

Take 17! 18! 19!

As we wind down tech for Agamemdawn, I find myself reflecting on three things. One, I have still not figured out how to spell Aggamemnonn. Two, a statement that our director opened tech with: “Some actors use this time to be extra creative. As you run things over and over for the technical elements, you […]


“The lights are much brighter there You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares So go downtown, things’ll be great when you’re Downtown, no finer place for sure Downtown everything’s waiting for you” This song by Petula Clark seems to ring true for playwright Kyle Chua in his new play, Downtown. The lights […]

Merrily We Roll Along

Prior to seeing it last week, I had never seen “Merrily We Roll Along” before. In fact, I knew literally nothing about it. In some weird brain-conflation, I must have mixed it up with “Sunday in the park with George” and assumed it to be about women with parasails and ruffled dresses. Surprise! It’s actually […]

L o L a

There she is. Standing tall. Breathing deep. Gartering my attention. She dances and                     FLIES. She s ings. shesheshesheshe She makes their jaws drop. She’s in it. Wow oh wow. heuh heuh heuh heuh for me. for him for them. I want to grab, but I do […]

Home Sweet Home

Last week, a fellow collaborator of mine gifted my hubs and I tickets to see HOME by Geoff Sobelle at ArtsEmerson’s Paramount Center’s Robert J. Orchard Stage. The production begins with a single ghost light on a mostly bare stage, upon which Sobelle and a group of actors acsend upon to build a home. The home […]

It Still Keep the Cold Out

With tears in my eyes, Gem of the Ocean and American Gods in my hands, I set off to see the acclaimed ArtsEmerson production of ‘Home’ by Geoff Sorbelle, directed by Lee Sunday Evans. I was sad y’all, truly inward, truly selfish and not willing to shake it off. I hopped on the T, stared […]

No place like Home

“Hello and welcome back Have you been here before? Does it feel familiar?” -Geoff Sobelle, Artist Statement from the play Home Geoff Sobelle and his cast of six reach out to the better parts of humanity with their production of Home. On the train to ArtsEmerson I got this strange feeling that this play would change […]