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Interrogating Whiteness Part II

Interrogating Whiteness Part II

On February 9th, a panel comprised of Ralph Peña (Artistic Director of Ma-Yi Theatre), Summer L. Williams (Co-founder of Company One), Melinda Lopez (Playwright in Residence with Huntington Theatre Company), and Polly Carl (Co-Artistic Director of ArtsEmerson) with moderator Sylvia Spears, discussed the shifting climate towards equity of representation in the theatre on HowlRoundTV in […]

Magic in the Theatre

“There hasn’t been a show in long time,” my friend said as we exited the theatre, “that surprised me like this one did.” I’m struggling to put into words my thoughts on Kneehigh’ s Tristan and Yseult which played in Boston via Arts Emerson, for I left the theater not with words, but with images […]

Seeing “Mies Julie”

Last Thursday I went to see Mies Julie at ArtsEmerson. I’ve spent the weekend trying to collect my thoughts and process what I saw in this amazing piece of theatre.  I keep trying to find words to describe what I saw on Thursday for this blog, nothing that I come up with seems to be […]

The Dirty Boots

All semester long in this Dramaturgical course, I have been immersed in Greek dramas and their modern adaptations/translations of them. Finally, I had an opportunity to see something very similar to what I had been studying through ArtsEmerson, Mies Julie by Yaël Farber. Yesterdays performance was extraordinarily important in the conversation that Farber seems to wish to […]

The Power of Spectacle

Wow, Oz, I’m so glad you posted, “On Point: Art, Academics, and Checks and Balances.” I think the video you discuss, En Puntas, addresses something that we spoke about in dramaturgy class today – the power of spectacle. As I watch the video, I’m lifted above the mundane – through terror and astonishment. Visceral reactions […]

Kiss & Cry (& Cry & Cry & Cry)

Last week, a friend and dramaturg, Amrita Ramanan, recommended that I attend a production at Arts Emerson by the Belgian dance company, Charleroi Danses.  The piece is called Kiss & Cry.  Kiss & Cry is hard to categorize—it is not just theatre, not just film, and not just dance, but an intricate combination of the […]

Too Much of a Good Thing?

When I first saw Daniel Beaty’s Emergency at ArtsEmerson, I didn’t really know what I thought about it.  I found some parts of it difficult to sit through, but didn’t want to jump to any vast conclusions about why I felt that way.  I went searching for responses to the production and I kept finding […]