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Celebrating Black History Month in Boston

Happy Black History month! This Black History month I have made it my goal to support as many black artists as possible. The following list is compiled of artistic and creative endeavors that I have come across that feature black artists prominently, tell stories of black people, and/or are created/hosted by black people in Boston. […]

Engagement through Connectivity

con·nect /kəˈnekt/ verb bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established. join together so as to provide access and communication. link to a power or water supply. think of as being linked or related. form a relationship or feel an affinity. –English Oxford Living Dictionaries As the Connectivity Associate […]

Home Sweet Home

Last week, a fellow collaborator of mine gifted my hubs and I tickets to see HOME by Geoff Sobelle at ArtsEmerson’s Paramount Center’s Robert J. Orchard Stage. The production begins with a single ghost light on a mostly bare stage, upon which Sobelle and a group of actors acsend upon to build a home. The home […]

No place like Home

“Hello and welcome back Have you been here before? Does it feel familiar?” -Geoff Sobelle, Artist Statement from the play Home Geoff Sobelle and his cast of six reach out to the better parts of humanity with their production of Home. On the train to ArtsEmerson I got this strange feeling that this play would change […]

Interrogating Whiteness Part II

Interrogating Whiteness Part II

On February 9th, a panel comprised of Ralph Peña (Artistic Director of Ma-Yi Theatre), Summer L. Williams (Co-founder of Company One), Melinda Lopez (Playwright in Residence with Huntington Theatre Company), and Polly Carl (Co-Artistic Director of ArtsEmerson) with moderator Sylvia Spears, discussed the shifting climate towards equity of representation in the theatre on HowlRoundTV in […]

Magic in the Theatre

“There hasn’t been a show in long time,” my friend said as we exited the theatre, “that surprised me like this one did.” I’m struggling to put into words my thoughts on Kneehigh’ s Tristan and Yseult which played in Boston via Arts Emerson, for I left the theater not with words, but with images […]

Seeing “Mies Julie”

Last Thursday I went to see Mies Julie at ArtsEmerson. I’ve spent the weekend trying to collect my thoughts and process what I saw in this amazing piece of theatre.  I keep trying to find words to describe what I saw on Thursday for this blog, nothing that I come up with seems to be […]

The Dirty Boots

All semester long in this Dramaturgical course, I have been immersed in Greek dramas and their modern adaptations/translations of them. Finally, I had an opportunity to see something very similar to what I had been studying through ArtsEmerson, Mies Julie by Yaël Farber. Yesterdays performance was extraordinarily important in the conversation that Farber seems to wish to […]

The Power of Spectacle

Wow, Oz, I’m so glad you posted, “On Point: Art, Academics, and Checks and Balances.” I think the video you discuss, En Puntas, addresses something that we spoke about in dramaturgy class today – the power of spectacle. As I watch the video, I’m lifted above the mundane – through terror and astonishment. Visceral reactions […]

Kiss & Cry (& Cry & Cry & Cry)

Last week, a friend and dramaturg, Amrita Ramanan, recommended that I attend a production at Arts Emerson by the Belgian dance company, Charleroi Danses.  The piece is called Kiss & Cry.  Kiss & Cry is hard to categorize—it is not just theatre, not just film, and not just dance, but an intricate combination of the […]

Too Much of a Good Thing?

When I first saw Daniel Beaty’s Emergency at ArtsEmerson, I didn’t really know what I thought about it.  I found some parts of it difficult to sit through, but didn’t want to jump to any vast conclusions about why I felt that way.  I went searching for responses to the production and I kept finding […]

A Critical Response to Blood Play, by the Debate Society

Back in February I had the privilege of seeing The Debate Society’s Blood Play, shortly after the artistic trio came to our school to talk with us about their process and collaborative nature in creating theatre. It was not only shocking to see how these people that had been so professional in front of us […]

SITI Company’s Trojan Women and the Boston Bombings

Lauren Thomas Contemporary Drama Ilana Brownstein 21 April 2013 SITI Company’s Trojan Woman (After Euripides) As the title suggests, SITI Company’s Trojan Woman (After Euripides) seeks to contemporize Euripides’ play centuries after it was first performed in 415 BC. The SITI Company was founded by Trojan Woman’s director, Anne Bogart, and Tadashi Suzuki in 1992. […]

An Iliad at Arts Emerson (#latetotheparty)

My post about Denis O’Hare’s An Iliad is late; I am posting my thoughts here after the run at ArtsEmerson has closed. This does not concern me, however, because I have enormous faith that this production will find its way to a long and powerful touring run. An Iliad was one of the most remarkable […]

An Iliad: The Human Experience of War in Performance

An Iliad, presented this week at the Paramount Center Mainstage at Emerson, is a testament to the epic power of one person to embody a story. The piece was created by Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare and is performed by Denis O’Hare and Brian Ellingsen. An Iliad at ArtsEmerson follows on the heels of Euripides’ […]

A week later, still in a total state of being moved

This past Saturday evening, I had the immense pleasure of seeing one of the most incredible works of theatre of my entire life. I can, without a doubt, say that it was the best 20 dollars I have ever spent to see An Iliad at ArtsEmerson, starring Denis O’Hare. Before I go any further, I […]

The Resounding Shock of Simplicity

I recently had the opportunity to see a production of An Iliad at ArtsEmerson, based on Homer’s original epic. Directed by Obie and Dramalogue award-winner Lisa Peterson of Los Angeles’ Mark Taper Forum, and starring a dynamic Denis O’Hare, the script was written by the two of them together. The actor-director collaboration of the script […]

You See?: Critical Response to AN ILIAD at ArtsEmerson

An Iliad was one of the most intensely affecting pieces of live storytelling that I have ever seen. It spoke to me as a citizen of the world and also galvanized me as a theatre artist. I feel fortunate to live in Boston during the time of ArtsEmerson — I was not only able to […]

YES ArtsEmerson!

I just have to say how excited I am for ArtsEmerson’s 2013-2014 season that just landed in my Inbox today. Of course they have always had great seasons over the time that they’ve been in operation but this season strikes me as particularly excellent. Maybe it’s because I have been making a concerted effort to keep […]

Emergency by Daniel Beaty

ArtsEmerson, a theatre company that showcases works from around the world, and part of ArtsEmerson’s mission is to cultivate new work that is “culturally enriching” and redefining performance, and Daniel Beaty’s Emergency does that. Emergency, a one man show written and performed by Beaty, is about the arrival of a slave ship in front of […]