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How {She Jumps Out at You}

Esperanza Spalding. 1. Who is she?                                                                                                    […]

Git on Up

What does it take to rock a theatre audience? When is the moment we can sit them down and get them back up again.                                     …And sit ’em down and get ’em back up again. In my experience, curating […]

Interview with Sarah Whelan, the Playwright of “White Rabbit”

Today, Sarah Whelan and I sat down to talk about her play, White Rabbit, which will be read on Sunday at 4 PM! Here is a transcript from that conversation Me: How did this play start? S: So I was, well I’ve always been fascinated with how people react to tragedies or war and how […]

Playwrights Play with Playlists

I am loving the trend happening these days where playwrights are making public Spotify playlists that accompany their new plays. I’m sure the act of playwrights creating playlist for their plays has been happening for years in various forms; burned CD’s, iPod playlists, etc, but what is special about the current form is how publicly […]

If You Liked This Album, Check Out This Playwright! Pt 3

If You Liked This Album, Check Out This Playwright! Pt 3

And we’re back . . . If you liked Marry Me by St. Vincent . . . . . . . check out Jen Silverman! I was introduced to St. Vincent on a 2016 mixtape made by a dear friend. I would listen to ‘Actor Out Of Work’ while driving my mom’s truck through the backwoods of […]

If You Liked This Album, Check Out This Playwright! Pt. 2

If You Liked This Album, Check Out This Playwright! Pt. 2

I know y’all have been very patient . . . If you liked To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar . . . . . . check out Amiri Baraka! Did Lamar’s silver-tongued politics over live jazz make the last few years bearable? Did his poetry-packed lines help to release a battle cry within you? […]

Diana Oh’s {my lingerie play} Installation 9/10: THE CONCERT AND CALL TO ARMS!!!!!!!!!

Two weeks ago, I took off for a weekend workshop in NYC and seized the opportunity to see Diana Oh’s {my lingerie play} Installation 9/10: THE CONCERT CALL TO ARMS!!!!!!!!! at The Rattlestick in the West Village. I have been following Diana Oh’s work online for the past few years and was thrilled to be able […]

How SZA has become my Personal and Artistic Savior

How SZA has become my Personal and Artistic Savior

That is my greatest fear That if, if I lost control Or did not have control, things would just, you know I would be… fatal – “Supermodel” on CTRL It’s been almost four months since SZA released her debut album CTRL, and I’m still listening to it almost everyday like it’s brand new (let’s be […]

Some Jazz grabbed my soul and Bars are Art too.

Last week I went to Manhattan for my senior showcase performance. My four days in the city were spent differently than how I usually spend my time when I visit or even when I lived in NYC. I did not see any broadway shows, I did not cruise along the Upper West Side for hours, […]



At this moment, I am undeniably meeting the arts world through a dance lens – forgive the lack of variety in posting subjects, I’m #just #too #lit about it. This weekend, Music Producer Antigo2hard and dance group The Williams Family came out with a new dance craze: the ICarltonChallenge. The challenge? Take the song “iCarlton” produced […]

It’s La La land but much better, and Irish.

There has been a recent trend in hollywood to recapture the “American Movie Musical”. This has been a trend a long time in the making but, is finally beginning to gain ground with the box office success of films such as Les Miserable and Into the Woods. La La land technically also falls into the […]

The Magic of the Opening Sequence

Recently, I have noticed the importance of opening credits on television. In this day of age, where instant gratification is the norm and sitting through an hour-long program without checking Facebook is a challenge, the opening credits must peak enough interest to keep the viewer engaged. Now…to put my theory to the test…let’s take 2016’s […]

“Vaudevillian Folk Punk?”

“Vaudevillian Folk Punk?”

“A Tim Burton soundtrack meets Jewish music meets Freddie Mercury meets pirates,” I thought as I watched Bella’s Bartok last weekend at The Middle East, Upstairs. My friend described their sound as “bar mitzvah meets carnival” and they’re self-described as “Vaudevillian folk punk” and “Bohemian Klezmer Punk with pop sensibilities.” I’d also add in that […]

i can do whatever i want, punk.

“A guy walks up to me and asks ‘What’s Punk?’ So I kick over a garbage can and say ‘That’s punk!’ So he kicks over a garbage can and says ‘That’s punk?’ and I say ‘No, that’s trendy!’”-Billie Joe Armstrong When I moved to Boston almost 3 years ago, I found the streets of Allston […]

Antarctica: A Blank Space for Possibility

“We will appear very soon,” reads the sign hanging above an empty stage. At least, the stage is void of people. It is however, covered with instruments—a drum set taking center stage, keyboards and pianos strewn left and right, microphones all over, guitars to the left, other various instruments, and large mysterious domes hanging out […]

Choose: Joy

I haven’t stopped recommending this play since I saw it on Sunday. I completely loved George C. Wolfe’s The Colored Museum at the Huntington Theatre Company. The production was beautiful, the cast immensely, immensely talented, and the script is just so – SMART. The Huntington in particular has a reputation for producing work by African-American playwrights. Not only are […]

Shockheaded Peter: Youth and Darkness

This week I saw Company One’s production of Shockheaded Peter at the Modern Theatre, and I can safely say it is entirely like anything else I’ve seen before One of the production’s primary tools is a celebration of the dark and grotesque. The company members perform vignettes that intersect the title story line. These include a story about […]


Differentiating musical theatre from opera is relatively straightforward. If the piece is entirely sung through (or at least, the bulk of it is), it’s an opera. If there are scenes in between the songs, it’s a musical. The Human Comedy, performed by the BU School of Theatre earlier this winter, was programmed as a musical theatre piece […]

This has nothing to do with Theatre

As the title suggests, this blog post has nothing to do with theatre. It does, however, have everything to do with music. And the band Daft Punk. Specifically their album entitled Random Access Memory. To get to the point, I posit the theory that this album is directly influenced by the geniuses of classical music, specifically, […]

(Don’t) ☺ Put on a Smile ☺

Happiness.  What is that?  I don’t have a definition, nor am I anxious to find one.  What I do know is that today in our society, happiness is often equated with a basic human gesture–a smile.  From the iconic smiley face, to grinning employees in retail stores, to highway billboards depicting smiling people enjoying a […]