I’m in love with a theatre. Honestly. She’s my last thought before I go to bed; and my first thought when I wake up. We’ve been on a few dates, and I even met her in person a few weeks ago. She’s beautiful: Has two stages, gorgeous gothic architecture, and she’s warm and friendly. I […]

Reflection on “Skeleton Crew” #wow

After a semester of reading at least 26 plays and talking about them in class, reading a play and not having a space to talk about it feels repressive. I read “Skeleton Crew” by Dominique Morrisseau and I’m feeling intense emotions and have lots of thoughts that NEED TO COME OUT, AHHHHH. So I’m using […]

I <3 NY — Wait, Do I?

I have a complicated relationship with New York. My dad took me when I was a youngster and I was ecstatic to see my first Broadway show. I was less ecstatic about the stench, the grime, the frustration, and the anger on its streets. This past semester I revisited after nine years and stayed with […]

Abandoning the Skin that Feels Less True

Living out your own authenticity is the sexiest thing. It’s gorgeous. More and more, I feel myself stepping into my own authenticity as I commit myself to the theatre world, leaving behind a skin that felt less true. That’s why it was so beautiful to read about the work and journey of Will Davis, director […]

A Response to the Huntington’s THE WHO AND THE WHAT

Walking into the Calderwood Pavilion for a Sunday matinee I was unsurprised by the audience make-up, mostly older and white, with about six to seven people my age and about twenty people of color, including a Muslim Sudanese couple, and two parties of Muslim Pakistanis, who introduced themselves as such when they spoke during the […]

A Process of Outrunning Fear

I’ve chosen to pursue theatre professionally after college and it’s exhilarating. It’s exhilarating to see how much I’ve grown into my own skin these past four years at and outside of BU. My freshman year I came in as an International Relations major, yet I knew I’d always be a theatre minor — I couldn’t […]

Some Thoughts on Billy Porter’s Topdog/Underdog at the Huntington

First off, the set energized me to the core. It consisted of a dilapidated, nondescript room at the center of the stage that didn’t bind itself to one moment in time. It feels as if it could’ve been a room during any time within the 20th and 21st centuries. The director, Billy Porter, goes as […]