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Fa(r)ce Value

In Patricia Davis’ most recent post on HowlRound, she writes about how Taffety Punk’s Riot Grrrls are able to wring humor from Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus. Very few people actually like Titus Andronicus. It is a gory follow up to the work of Seneca and a lamer precursor to the work of John Webster. We appreciate it for […]

Wanna Try Out Some Hamlet?

Calling all actors! In a recent Arts Beat post, I learned that the New York Times is inviting high school and college student actors to upload their interpretative performances of lines from Hamlet using Instagram. Due to several recent productions by Shakespeare (and Hamlet in particular), the Times is interested in seeing how emerging artists are interpreting lines from […]

They need it more than we do.

Hey fellow theatre students: Why do we spend so much time and effort into making theatre that nobody will see? At least, nobody other than our classmates, fellow artists, who always see it… How do we engage with new audiences? Ones whose first impulse would not be to spend their Friday night going to the […]

Romeo and Juliet

As part of the Boston Univeristy School of Theater’s season, Femina Shakes is currently (as of the authorship of this article) performing Romeo and Juliet. I encourage anybody to go see this interpretation of Shakespeare’s tragedy of lovers. Femina Shakes is a way for female students to gain access to roles that would not normally […]

R and J all over the place…

Romeo and Juliet is one of those plays that people think they’ve seen a million times. By people, I mean me. I hyperbolically thought to myself that I’d seen it a hundred times. But REALLY how many times? I have seen two productions, and two movies. It has a story that feels like it’s a […]

Theatre of the People who are Fucking Angry

In between my five hours of Shakespeare class on Wednesday, I sat at a local market eating my usual sandwich with a friend, Sarah. Close by, a wall-mounted television showed a news anchor cataloging research about current and future effects of the government shutdown. Sarah and I listened for a bit, eating our lunches in […]

Shakespeare’s As You Right Click

Earlier this week I was searching for full productions of As You Like It online. I stumbled upon the entirety of the Globe’s production of Shakespeare’s comedy posted to youtube in 12 parts. I was only about 12 minutes into the play when it dawned on me: surely, this is the epitome of theater for […]

The Issue with Isherwood

New York Times recently sent an e-blast with a Theatre Update to their subscribers about ‘Maximum Shakespeare.’ Evidently, there are a lot of Shakespeare productions in New York this season. One of the Times’ staff theatre critics, Charles Isherwood, wrote a piece entitled, “Too Much Shakespeare? Be Not Cowed.” Besides the forced title (which I […]

The Upside of Slowing Down

In the beginning, there was a laugh. When I first heard my mother laugh I felt a surge of joy course through my body and ripple through my brain sending the message to my entire nervous system I gotta get some of that. That’s when I found the theatre. Since I first made my mother […]

Shameless (Plugging)

It has been shockingly hard for me to write this post. For the last 5-6 weeks I have been working on a play with my group, Anthem Theatre Company. We are newly relocated to Boston from New York City, where we felt like we were one of a million small companies, fighting like dogs for […]