Mixing and Delineating

I turned 22 just over a month ago. My driver’s license expired on my birthday. A couple days after it expired I went to the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) to get it renewed. I waited in line, as one does at the RMV, and filled out the forms necessary to renew my license. Number […]

I wonder if Shakespeare was a dancer

Did I really have a positive experience with Shakespeare this week? Until the past couple weeks I honestly didn’t think it was possible. I’m currently in BU SOT’s Shakespeare Project working on¬†Cymbeline. Any experience with Shakespeare leading up to this semester had been grueling. Like pull-my-hair-out-rip-off-my-fingernails painful. As rehearsals began I was incredibly hesitant, but […]

Holding on, Letting go

In Alexander class today we shared monologues. Every person would rehearse their monologue in front of the class, examine their experience, work with our teacher to explore their experiences and then take another go at their piece. Something rang true for me watching my classmates share their pieces. Acknowledge what’s happening (perhaps anxiety or tension […]

I Like the Big Red Circle

I Like the Big Red Circle

Why do I love Abstract Expressionism so much? I just don’t understand. Shapes. Colors. Shapes and colors. Some sense of residual togetherness through a scattering of strokes, splatters, shapes, textures, patterns and/or color. WHY DO I LIKE IT SO MUCH!? Good question Tom. Art causing an emotional reaction? In my own experience and experience of […]


I turned 22 this past weekend and wow was it a doozy. Saturday afternoon four friends and I went apple picking. Macoun apples are my favorite and late October is prime time for picking them. We drove to about an hour west of BU. We parked, got our bags, and headed into the orchard. We, […]

Collaboration….Generosity of Spirit….

CW: Suicide A student-run theatre group, On Broadway, is putting on a production of Spring Awakening this semester. I’d heard this sometime over the last month but had not given it a second thought really until now. I was in a production of Spring Awakening in October of 2013 with Newton South High School. Wake […]

Thank God for the Pediatric ER

I’m writing this after coming home from two days in two different hospitals. Let’s be clear about one thing: I do not like hospitals. I’m not sure whether it’s the feeling of being surrounded by sickness or an unearthly atmosphere of frenetic sterility, but I do not like hospitals. With me I had my school […]