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A Message to Myself

Dear me, You’re graduating college next semester. It’s hard to believe that it’s here. As the end of this chapter inches closer, I wanted to share some thoughts, advice, love that I think is useful for going into your last semester of college and beyond. Create a schedule. Have a routine. It’s important (especially as […]

The use of reflection

During a week where “our School of Theatre [is] in the spotlight”, it’s an easy excuse to reflect on my time here. Coupled together with the fact that today is the day that process papers were due for my major & year, and I’m finding it very easy to sink farther and deeper into the […]

Prewriting in spite of traumatic topics

In Kirsten Greenidge’s Playwrighting I class, the semester culminates in a project where students complete a one act. I’ve been stewing on an idea for over two years now, and when this project that was longer than a 10 minute play was introduced, I decided it was time to begin. The play is going to […]

So I Don’t Forget

Instead of… Stare at a blank page. Fall into a pit of self destruction. Let the minutes tick, tock by. Compare myself to someone else. Do nothing. Say sorry. Negative self talk. Bully myself. Go through the motions. Give up. Project on a loved one. Hide. Isolate. Binge Netflix to escape. To avoid. To go […]

A Self-Care Toolbox for my Artist Self

Dear Elena, It’s been a long week. Not only has the mother of all seasonal bugs hung out in your nose and lungs for some time now, but you’ve also been visited by the your biggest nemesis: your self doubt. Dare you post a blog about this? Have it read for all to be seen? […]

Into the SOT’s Deep End Without Floaties

Sleep deprivation, welcome to your tape.


Starting bright and early this morning, the production departments begin a marathon strike to take down the three mainstage shows of Q3. Technically, I began strike at 10 pm tonight for ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore at the Wimberly Theatre, right as the show ends. I was in at 9 am in the morning to lead a full […]

The New Drug

I have been thinking about self-care. As artists in a high intensity conservatory program, it is a word that’s passed around a lot. The importance of it. The lack of it. There are conversations, celebrations, interventions and reminders. Even memes. All in the name of Self-Care™. Why? I believe it as a response to a […]

Self Care in the Theater

This weekend I attended a POC healing night for artists and activists in Boston put together by a dear friend of mine, Lauren Miller, who works in Community Engagement and is an Administrative Manager at Company One Theater in Boston. This event was constructed in three parts: a session of reconstructive yoga, a group listen […]