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Is my meal a play?

Is my meal a play?

My family is really into food. Like… really into food. Last night at the Hise-Hargis-Lindquist household my step-father served crab cakes with an arugula and white bean salad with blistered shishitos and a kimchi remoulade. Nothing particularly unusual when you’re sharing the table with a professional food blogger and a chef. Every night we eat […]

There is a Golden Toilet at the Guggenheim

Unless you are a contemporary art fan, you may not have been aware that there is a fully functioning 18-karat golden toilet called “America” on the fifth floor of the Guggenheim museum in New York City. (Wow, I never thought I would type that string of words in my life). But it is, in fact […]

A Manifesto, of Sorts.

  To begin a journey, I have to know where I’m coming from. Otherwise, how will I know when I’ve done something worth noting? Three years ago, I was given an assignment to create an artistic manifesto. What did I see the future of art to be? What did I want to bring to art, […]

Goooooooooooo Sports!

This Friday The Clark Museum in Williamstown, MA is unveiling Albert Beirstadt’s 1870 painting “Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast.” As far as landscapes go, Bierstadt did a pretty good job (this is an understatement). As far as museums go, The Clark is my favorite (Western Massachusetts has a special place in my heart). But […]

Taking Risks: The Future of Theatre

Today, as I looked through headlines about whats going on in the theatre world I saw one that caught my attention, “Why theatre should be a risky business”. This immediately caught my attention as I have been learning a lot more about what the world of theatre I will soon be entering is like. What […]

Too Much Theater

When I stumbled across an article about a city having too much theater, my first reaction was probably along the lines of this Which is probably why I stayed on board to read the entire article… and by golly if it didn’t put forward a rational point. While I love theatre and want it to […]

One Does Not Simply F*** with the Dramatists Guild: Champions for the Little Guys

If you haven’t yet heard about the heated conflict brewing between the Dramatists Guild of America and the South Williamsport Junior Senior High School of Pennsylvania, please, drop whatever you’re doing (including reading this blog post), and read THIS. THE ESSENCE OF THE PROBLEM: A high school cancels a production of Spamalot due to fear […]