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Get Tough

This week I stumbled upon James Grissom’s blog, Follies of God. The author, who is famous for his biography of his mentor, Tennessee Williams, publishes blog posts of his interviews with actors and artists, most of whom he was led to through his connection to Williams. One post, a conversation with the actor Kim Stanley, […]

It’s Not About You

You know what makes me A N G R Y? That people don’t care about the rapidly vanishing bee population? Well yes, but that’s not what I’m going to talk about. What makes me grind my teeth and tense my jaw is when actors make the work about them. Over the past few semesters I’ve […]

Holding on, Letting go

In Alexander class today we shared monologues. Every person would rehearse their monologue in front of the class, examine their experience, work with our teacher to explore their experiences and then take another go at their piece. Something rang true for me watching my classmates share their pieces. Acknowledge what’s happening (perhaps anxiety or tension […]

How to sell myself…just tip of the iceberg.

I am in post-grad land these days trying to build my life after I leave the walls of the CFA and I must admit that I am very excited! The main givens going out are that the path of an artist is difficult, the financial struggle is so real, and that embracing uncertainty is key. […]

Repeat After Me: Your Audience Is Not Stupid

Dear David J. Castillo, I’ve been thinking a lot about your being an utter waste of space. Now, while I believe that that is true for most people in the world, I think it is especially true because lately, you’ve been acting pretty recklessly. You’d think that after four years of training within a BFA […]

Now What?

This past weekend I completed my Senior Acting Thesis. That is a sentence I cannot believe I just typed. The past four years have felt as though they have culminated in this moment; a chance for me to share with friends, family members and teachers the experiences I have gained since starting my training freshman year. Although I started […]

The Challenge of the Truth

In London, I took a risk and bought a bunch of plays I knew nothing about. The first play I read had my eyes glued to the page and within minutes of finishing it, I was approaching my roommates saying READ THIS. please. Now. quickly. I need someone else to feel the wonder and appreciation […]