Stop telling yourself you have to abuse yourself in order for your art to be valid

Today, I saw a post on tumblr dealing with mental health in the arts. I had seen the post before, but as I walked from my friend’s apartment to the bus, I began thinking about what I would post tonight. The tumblr post came back into my mind. The post, which can be found here, […]

Fun Home, or: the Genealogy of Queer Stories

Autobiography has, in fact, come to a close. We just have to turn in some assignments such as reader responses to finish off the course. In this vein, I had my first complete experience with Fun Home on Sunday. I had, of course, been watching the Tony’s when “Ring of Keys” was performed. And I was, of course, captivated […]

How vulnerable am I willing to be?

The Autobio performance is fast approaching. In fact, it is less than one week away. Yesterday, we took the time in class to watch what everyone has been working on, to see the scope of the performance as a whole. This includes a piece that I wrote. This particular piece was one that I had […]

It is a known fact that a woman do carry an evening bag at dinner time

Saturday, October 21st. 9:30 PM. GSU Alley. Boston University. Drag on Fire had just begun. I know, I know, Jasmine and Dillon already posted about drag this week. But I’m going to as well. When Evan told me in June that he wanted to plan a drag show on campus through the Trans Listening Circle, […]

Do you want to go see a play?

What do I write about? What do I care about? What’s important right now? Is anything important right now? Is anyone listening? Is theatre important? Are we doing anything? Or is it nothing better than a frantic shout into an unforgiving void? Why this play now? Why any play now? Do plays do anything? Do […]

What Do I Want to Say?

I’m in Autobio this semester. It’s the first time I’ve written in a long time. And I’m loving it. I used to love writing, as a kid. But I grew up and developed a lot of anxiety, so I boxed up my writing and hid it in a drawer. Somewhere around high school, I lost […]

A Summer Away from Theatre

Little more than two weeks into classes, with a newfound major and a newfound sense of cynicism, I am left with one question on my brain: did I make the correct decision in my modified, but still fundamentally similar major? This summer, I remained on Boston University’s campus with a 9-5+ job, working days in […]