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The Room Where it Happens

(Not Hamilton. I wish, though.) Last night I went to the read through of Company One‘s production of Wig Out! by Tarell Alvin McCraney and I was so incredibly moved and inspired by the evening. First of all, the BU representation on the show is awesome. Current student Dev Blair and Miles Jordan, and alum […]

Celebrating Black History Month in Boston

Happy Black History month! This Black History month I have made it my goal to support as many black artists as possible. The following list is compiled of artistic and creative endeavors that I have come across that feature black artists prominently, tell stories of black people, and/or are created/hosted by black people in Boston. […]

HYPE MAN Lives up to the Hype

On Friday, I was happy to see Company One’s production of Idris Goodwin’s HYPE MAN: a break beat play. Following the production, I was lucky enough to help host an event called Cahllege Mixah as apart of my position as College Coordinator at Company One. The night went amazingly. It was filled with tons of energy […]

Hype Me Up

I don’t like art that tells me what to do. I don’t like the preachy-preachy the-world-is bad-and-it’s-all-your-fault plays. Do I like political theatre? Hell yeah. Scream and fucking curse, make my blood boil, make my stomach hurt, drown me in guilt to the point where I’m inspired to do something.  Aha! Inspiration. This weekend I had […]

Git on Up

What does it take to rock a theatre audience? When is the moment we can sit them down and get them back up again.                                     …And sit ’em down and get ’em back up again. In my experience, curating […]

Engagement through Connectivity

con·nect /kəˈnekt/ verb bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established. join together so as to provide access and communication. link to a power or water supply. think of as being linked or related. form a relationship or feel an affinity. –English Oxford Living Dictionaries As the Connectivity Associate […]

Developing the Negatives in Company One’s Really

Recently I had the opportunity to catch Company One’s production of Jackie Sibblies Drury’s play Really. And it was really damn good. The play has kept me thinking about the nature of death and memory, about how my baby brother has more picture and video footage of him than any of my grandparents, about how […]

TONYC and Audience Participation

This week with a few of my peers, I attended an Art and Social Change event. The event opened with 90 minutes of a Theatre of the Oppressed NYC Forum Play. According to the TONYC website, these Forum Plays are designed by TONYC’s troupes “all over New York City in collaboration with a range of local communities, including […]

Memento Mori

Canon conducted an experiment about the power of perspective. They asked six photographers to take portraits of the same man. Before the session, though, each photographer was told a different story about the man’s life before the session. To one, he was an ex-con; to another, he was a recovered alcoholic; to another, he was a […]

The Sandy Hook PSA

The Sandy Hook PSA

First, if it hasn’t passed through your Facebook timeline yet, give this video a watch. The video is called “Evan”, and was put out recently by advertising agency BBDO New York in collaboration with Sandy Hook Promise – a nonprofit organization founded by family members affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December of […]

THIS IS MY BIOLOGY. Choke on it.

THIS IS MY BIOLOGY. Choke on it.

REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN. at Company One asked important questions about gender equity. The Company One lobby did too. Walking in I was asked four questions by green and red placards: “How will you work to ensure the health and safety of all women in the U.S. in the next 4 years?,” “What does […]

words, words, words

I’ve been thinking a lot about words this week. I’ve used them in condolence and in sympathy, in kindness and in anger, but none of them have really felt right. Words have been such an important part of this election. We’ve analyzed stump speeches, discussed email content, fought over rhetoric. It’s been an influx of […]

After the ‘Revolt.’

Wednesday November 9th was a very tough day. As a Hillary Clinton supporter and one that surrounds myself with other like minded people, I awoke in the morning  with my partner to my side, crying. We rose out of bed feeling like someone had just died. The sense of loss was palpable. I arrived at […]

Interrogating Whiteness Part II

Interrogating Whiteness Part II

On February 9th, a panel comprised of Ralph Peña (Artistic Director of Ma-Yi Theatre), Summer L. Williams (Co-founder of Company One), Melinda Lopez (Playwright in Residence with Huntington Theatre Company), and Polly Carl (Co-Artistic Director of ArtsEmerson) with moderator Sylvia Spears, discussed the shifting climate towards equity of representation in the theatre on HowlRoundTV in […]

Peter, Puppets and Personality

Shockheaded Peter. What a name. What a world I entered into for an hour and a half. Company One’s production of Shockheaded Peter is a steamCRUNK musical that uses a Victorian era manners book, Struwwelpeter, for children as a jumping off point to explore what it means to care for and cultivate a child’s imagination. […]

Shockheaded Peter and his DIE-dactic Friends

What do Heinrich Hoffmann, Mark Twain, and Julian Bleach all have in common? A little selection of stories called Struwwelpeter. Hoffmann originally wrote this illustrated set of ten rhymed stories about children in 1845. Like the tales of the Brothers Grimm, those in Struwwelpeter (also Shockheaded or Slovenly Peter) are considered didactic in nature. Indeed, fairy tales or […]

Shockheaded Peter: Youth and Darkness

This week I saw Company One’s production of Shockheaded Peter at the Modern Theatre, and I can safely say it is entirely like anything else I’ve seen before One of the production’s primary tools is a celebration of the dark and grotesque. The company members perform vignettes that intersect the title story line. These include a story about […]

Spoiler Alert: All of the Children Die

This Sunday I had the pleasure of seeing Company One’s production of SHOCKHEADED PETER, presented in part with Suffolk University at the Modern Theatre. SHOCKHEADED PETER originated in 1998 through collaboration between Phelim McDermott and Julian Crouch of London’s Improbable Theatre, and a British “Brechtian Punk Cabaret” band called The Tiger Lillies. They sought to […]

Critical Response “The Flick”

Company One’s production of The Flick honored and illuminated Annie Baker’s story of three mismatched movie workers with great truth and passion. Baker’s fifth fully produced full-length play had its New England premiere at Company One this February, re-introducing me and the Boston Theatre Community to the powerful nature of Baker’s work. Company One is […]

A Response to the XX PlayLab at Company One

I had the pleasure of attending one of the events in Company One’s XX PlayLab series last week. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Company One describes the XX PlayLab as “a collaborative program of the Boston Center for the Arts and Company One Theatre, designed to propel the work of female playwrights from […]