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Burst My Bubble: Race in the Theatre

I live in the bubble. Boston University provides me with a beautiful bubble, safely padded with educated liberals who are all just as fired up about social injustices as I am. The bubble is a wonderful place where my beliefs and ideals are strengthened, confirmed, validated. The bubble is a place where I am allowed […]

#BLM, Jews, and the Theatre that Betrayed Them Both

Let’s set the scene. Feinstein’s/54 Below had a concert scheduled for Sept. 11, 2016 to benefit Black Lives Matter. Then, the week of, ticket holders were abruptly emailed that the show had been cancelled. A more detailed email to performers indicated that the cancellation was due to the venue owners’ and management’s desire to appear unaffiliated with […]

The Playwright, or, Who is Edward Albee?

  Just a few short days ago, one of the most prolific and profoundly affecting playwrights of our time passed away. I could say that he was my favorite playwright, I could tell you about the time I saw Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? on Broadway in 2013, when I left the theatre weeping and confused […]

A Woman’s Voice Being Heard

       Yesterday in the New York Times, a title caught my eye… “The Media Has A Woman Problem“. Now usually I would scrim the article but I had seen this particular one pop up on social media a few times so I decided to actually sit and read it.  Liza Mundy starts off […]

Target Demographic

How on earth is my demographic (18-34 year-old, male, (and, let’s be honest, straight and white), or possibly 18-49, etc.)  still the most coveted in terms of sales, advertising, and apparently Broadway?  I really want to know, because I find it a bit baffling.  It can’t be because there are more of us.  Data indicates […]

The Transformative Power of Theatre

I am a true believer in the power of theatre to transform communities.  This is why I work with Arts After Hours in Lynn, MA.  Arts After Hours is dedicated to revitalizing and changing the economy of Lynn–a city mired in years of economic stagnation. Another theatre company, New Brooklyn Theater, that also believes in […]

Trumbull High School Production of RENT Back On! (Sort of)

Recently, administrators Trumbull High School in Connecticut have found their decision to cancel a student production of RENT: School Edition facing a large amount of public scrutiny. As the Hartford Courant reports, “Student representatives from Trumbull High’s theater department were told last Monday that the show they planned to perform next spring covered topics too “sensitive” […]