Fear of Regression

I’ve always grown angry when tell me how much they rewrote the other night, or how many characters they cut out of their script after their last reading. I would always think, “Just because something is drastically different, doesn’t make it better.” And I still think that statement holds true. However, I’m realizing how I’ve […]

Fulfilling Day Jobs For Playwrights?

It’s no secret that playwriting in the American theatre doesn’t pay the bills. I’ve made peace with that fact, and in fact find that a really compelling challenge in not taking advantage of my creative free time. Here’s a question though, you great, wide, interwebbed world: what’s a decent first-job for a playwright? I’ve heard […]

Redefining, or Reclaiming, Family Lives in Theatre

I’m 21 years-old, an only child, and a single woman. I am the first woman in my family not to become a schoolteacher, not that I think there is anything wrong with teaching K-12, I just know I would be doing myself and my would-be students a disservice by teaching. I am the first member […]


  i am sitting on a stack of platforms in room 109 watching my peers play an ever-growing game with an inflatable beach ball. they are trying to keep it in the air as long as possible. they have all turned into kids again, eyes going wide as the ball descends over their heads, their […]

The Freedom of Instability

I have been thinking a lot about the instability of a “typical” actor’s career. The “typical” actor in a major market may or may not have representation; they freelance from project to project. An actor that craves stability may be a part of a company or troupe or perhaps they create their own content. I […]

Ambition vs. Skill

This weekend, I was lucky enough to be able to attend Jiehae Park’s master class with Company One at the Boston Public Library. The class was an hour and fifteen minutes of unending wisdom, but one piece of advice in particular stood out to me. Park, whose play¬†Peerless¬†is currently running with Company One, spoke about […]


I think the most important lesson I’ve learned this semester year and throughout my BU experience is about community. So much of my young life has been discovering who I am operating independently but ultimately at the end of the day its the people I love and care about that make me want to get […]