Mission Statement

“Universality through specificity.” This is a phrase I learned as a freshman at Boston University that has stuck with me throughout my training. It refers to the notion that the artist, through the telling of stories that are specific to the experience of one or few, are given the ability to uncover truths that are […]

Being an Adult Artist

In our last dramaturgy class of the semester we discussed what it means to be an “adult artist”. For me this means the ability to be on top of your game, taking ownership over your work and being accountable for your actions. I don’t feel like I am an adult artist yet. I feel like there’s something […]

Life is… Cabaret

Last week I saw Cabaret at BU. Although I know the musical I was surprised by the performance. I was surprised by how much it affected me. What I think is so profound about the musical itself is the fact that it starts by drawing you in, setting an atmosphere of laughter, dance music, and fun. This is […]

Another one.

Over the past few weeks I have been working on a dramaturgy project that focuses on the work of playwright Derek Walcott. I’ve become quite interested in his writing. I’m interested in his perspective as a Caribbean artist and his ability to rework western classics in a way new, interesting and potent. He was also a Boston […]

A Reaction to Richard III

I sat on my hands for a while to avoid writing about this. I do not want to hurt feelings, offend anyone who was a part of this production, or burn any bridges in terms of the people I collaborate with in the future. But I want to be candid and constructive about my thoughts […]

Gender On Stage

I’m thinking about gender-bending for plays that do not call for it. I am specifically thinking about a situation where one of my cis-female friends is looking for a play to mount with several other collaborators. She, along with two of the other collaborators has grown an interest in Annie Baker’s “The Aliens”- a play […]

This minute

First I was going to write about some me examples of productions that I’m thinking about in relationship to gender bending: FemShakes Lord of the Flies (Directed by Jeremy at the CFA) Men on Boats David Mamet shutting down a production of Oleanna – https://ravishly.com/2014/06/24/david-mamet-shuts-down-gender-bender-production-oleanna CABARET Cloud 9 And in the middle of thinking about […]