RE: Who Let John Patrick Shanley Have a Twitter

Hey Elena, I was tickled with your recent blog post. In response to your post : “Who Let John Patrick Shanley Have a Twitter“ I too am familiar with the Twitter of JPS and can’t help but feel similarly. I understand that Twitter is an informal platform in which people are free to express themselves in […]

Roy Loves America: Theatre, Dance, and Media in conversation

Lighting designed by classmate Kat Zhou, I was introduced to a new circle inside the Boston community making exciting and bold new work: the Harvard Theatre, Dance, and Media Center and their production of Roy Loves America. With Angels in America as a counter text, this play explores the conflict behind the public persona and […]

A look at Technique in “The Usual Suspects”

This weekend I watched “The Ususal Suspects” for the first time, and it was a truly fascinating film. I want to take a quick look at Form and Content through the lens of film. So i’m Going discuss the “Keaton Was Keyser Soze” Scene. I am picking this scene because in the context of the […]

This Is America

*SPOILER ALERT* If you haven’t seen Childish Gambino’s new music video for his song, “THis is America”, then you need to stop what you’re doing and what it ASAP no Rocky. I shall be discussing the music video now. I haven’t been able to get the images of the song nor the song itself at […]


A few weeks ago, I saw Brawler by Walk McGough at the BPT. I cringed in my seat through the whole thing, suffering as I often do from terrible second-hand embarrassment, but texted my friends the moment I was out of my theatre to tell them they had to see it. I love stories about […]

A Manifesto

A MANIFESTO; AN ATTEMPT AT AN EXPLANATION FOR PEOPLE WHO DON’T REALLY DO THAT SORT OF THING BY AINDAN NEWELL & KALEI DEVILLY I We are looking for an answer but don’t need one. Our art is living in the question. We don’t know. Contradiction is okay. II Our art is… In the moment. Our […]

A Brief Recomendation

I want to make a brief show recommendation. If you aren’t following Legion on FX, which just started its second season, I would suggest you start. There are a lot of reasons, from its obsessively constructed aesthetic to its engaging acting to its minor details. But really why I keep watching it’s a show about […]

Hope Deferred

After reading “Hope Deferred” by Alice Dunbar-Nelson I felt both enlightened and enraged. Although I do believe that some of the points being made by the story itself were a little obvious, I realize that I also have to be cognizant of the fact that it was written for an audience much different from me. […]

On Mental Ilness in Art, one example

The Southern Reach Books by Jeff Vandermeer gave me the word terroir. I’m sure I would have eventually stumbled upon it on my own, but they can claim the small honor of having given it to me. I have been thinking about my personal terroir, the things inherent to me and to my environment that […]

Politics and art

There is a very interesting dichotomy happening for black artist in popular culture. On one side we have Kanye West who supports Donald Trump and believes that slavery was a choice and on the other hand we have artists like Janelle Monae and Childish Gambino who a tacking complex and poignant questions and issues within their […]

Commercial Enterprise

As I enter the entertainment industry I can’t help but wonder what direction my career as an actor will take me. I am and will always be interested in theatre but I have found that a lot of the opportunities I have been offered lately want to steer me away from it. After signing with […]

Big Freedia

Big Freedia is a performer, musician and icon to the lgbtq community. She is a transgender artist who help cultivate a hip-hop style that we now call New Orleans bounce. She has a very distinctive presence and personality. Artist such as Drake and Beyonce have used sound bytes of her voice in their music. Her […]


I am currently in a production of Wig Out! by Terell Alvin McCraney. In the play I am playing the role of Nina/Wilson. My character who Identifies as a girl and yet, in when confronted with the interest of pursuing a boy she likes, she takes off her wig and becomes Wilson. Wilson is masculine, […]

Chosen family

A few weeks ago Last Call Theatre Company came to our contemporary drama class and showed us the work that they do. One piece of the exercise they worked with us on involved us thinking about the communities we belong to and why. This got me thinking about my own friends and family and whether or […]

Who Let John Patrick Shanley Have a Twitter

John Patrick Shanley is undoubtedly a prolific playwright. I knew his name before I knew the names of a lot of other playwrights (not that that means his work is any more deserving of my attention than the work of other playwrights who have been out there, but less publicized.) I follow a lot of […]

A Lucky Grouping

At last week’s Monday Meet Up, Brendan, Dev and I all read in Stevens play. At ten am we trickled in one by one and sat in a circle waiting for the thing to start, whooping and laughing as we caught up. Kirstin looked up from her grading for a moment to say “Looks like […]

Ellen Craft

Although her story does not relate to theatre directly, Ellen Craft plays an important role in Boston’s history and the history of slavery in America. Ellen Craft was born a slave in Clinton, Georgia in 1829. She was the daughter of white slave master Major James P. Smith and his house slave, Maria. Ellen was […]

mission statement

If I were to create a theatre company this would be my mission statement: “As a theatre company we are designed to represent the underrepresented, include the un-included, and give opportunities to those who fail to see a place for themselves in the current theatre community. We want to start conversation, and show our audiences […]


Last night I had the honor of being immersed into the theatrical experience that was Kil Clap Back, written by Bella Pelz and directed by Linda Perla. From the moment I stepped into the space I was instantly transported into another dimension. I was so impressed by the way in which a tiny black box theatre space […]

Don’t Meet Your Heroes

JK Rowling is a TERF. Or well she follows TERFS on twitter and reads shares their articles and refuses to denounce them, which in this day and age is basically the same things. I’m not one of those people who holds tight with white knuckled fingers to the Harry Potter books, its impossible to these […]