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Responsibility When Writing Outside of Personal Experience

For Playwriting I, our final is a one act to full length play. I am writing about a woman in her 70s managing PTSD after she was raped working for the army. I can only imagine what it is like to be that age and what its like navigating the world of the army. I […]

We’re NOT an MT Program…are we?

I used to be a musical theatre kid to the MAX. Not just to the max, but to the Max Bialystock. Then I came to BU and musical theatre took a back seat which was exactly what I needed when I first came into the program. My world was exploded from the world of the musical […]

Dramaturgy of Dialects

In Dialects last year, we talked about how one can better understand a character through the specificity of their idiolect. In all four of my casting assignments, I have had to learn and put on voices that were much unlike my own: 1930s Hollywood actress voice, drawl, Western Irish, Cockney. For Cabaret, I am in […]

Artistic Responsibility and Liberties

In my collaborative theatre ensemble class, our midterm is to devise a ten minute long piece deconstructing historical event. My group was initially interested in focusing on the death of important figures from a variety of religions. We went down a rabbit hole of questions and tangential ideas and landed on the Jim Jones, the […]

Presentation Matters!

Presentation matters. I am someone who tends to focus on ideas, daydreams and questions, and forget about form. As Jon Savage emphasizes in his Painting and Drawing class, no one takes the content seriously if the presentation is weak. His class forces me to think about how much time it takes to make stronger choices […]

Writing a Ten Minute Play

In Playwriting I, we just turned in our “final revision” of out ten minute play. We were asked to use the structure outlined in Gary Garrison’s book, A More Perfect Ten: Page 1- 2: set up world, introduce central characters and make sure we understand what they want/need/desire through the journey of the play. Page […]

Learning how to ask for what I NEED

The past couple years here at BU have been all about me finding my voice and using it. My whole life I’ve been the loud girl. I would talk a lot, my voice would always be the loudest, and I was usually the most talkative person around my friends. But somehow in theatre school, my […]

Devising Theatre

Theatre is always an experiment. There are independent variables. Always. But, I am specifically interested in theatre that is designed to be and is regarded as, “experimental.” This semester I am a student in Jeremy Orighner’s Collaborative Theatre Ensemble class. At 9:30am every Tuesday and Thursday I dive into Devised Theatre Land. I am in […]

First Time Being a Dramaturg! Ah!

Night Owl: https://vimeo.com/218082778 Citizen: https://www.amazon.com/Citizen-American-Lyric-Claudia-Rankine/dp/1555976905/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1505964534&sr=8-1&keywords=citizen I believed, before this summer and this class, that a dramaturg was vital to the creation process, but was not an artist. I believed that a dramaturg did research, and put together a packet of information for the cast and crew. The end. Dramaturges did not go to rehearsal, were […]

Help Me Help You Help Me

I recently came across a HowlRound article that I can’t seem to get out of my head. It’s titled What are We Watching? What are We Teaching? Preparing Acting Students for the New Golden Age, and was written by actor-director-teacher Welker White. Here is one of my favorite passages: Right now, students at hundreds of MFA […]

Why We Have Yet to Pop Our CFA Bubble

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to any other CFA student reading this post that we as artists and members of the BU community are extremely insular. Throughout my four years here, this conversation has been brought up in a multitude of ways, by many if not most of us. Who comes to see our […]

Queen Victoria Taught me to Teach

I am currently in a class called CT575, General Teaching Methods.  It is a standard education class where we learn the basics of lesson plan creation and classroom management.  The last few classes, however, haven’t really looked like education classes though. They have looked something a lot closer to a mediocre acting class. While we […]

Proposing Something Brief and Beautiful

This weekend I had the pleasure of watching Proposals, a student directed show comprised of five proposal scenes from a variety of plays.   This event to me was a success. Along with a couple of amazing performances, the craft of the evening was conducive to an extremely pleasant audience experience.   William Ball in, […]

A Love Affair with Theatre

Today a group of young theater artists are gathered on the fourth floor of Boston University’s College of Fine arts about to audition for the School of Theater. They are nervous and excited and right at the precipice into their journey as theatre artists. I had the pleasure this summer of working at Boston University’s […]

Witness Uganda

It’s taken me three days to figure out how to write this blog post, so knowing there is no way to articulate how much Witness Uganda meant to me, I think it’s time to just go for it. On Wednesday Griffin Matthews and Matt Gould (an alumni of BU) came to BU to share some […]

Wellman vs. BSO

This past weekend I attended a performance at the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Despite the fact that as a BU student I can get 75 dollar seats to any performance at the BSO for free, it was my first time attending the world renowned orchestra. Though I play no instruments and though I wouldn’t call myself […]

Wright More Roles for Fierce Women

A recent article by Holly L. Derr on Howlround.com , entitled, “Playing Shakespeare’s Men,” felt particularly relevant to me. As a female actor in Boston University’s Theater Arts program, a program exceedingly girl-heavy, I have seen my same- sex class-mates perform male roles in several Femme Shakes shows. Additionally, I had the experience last year […]

Let Them Roar Again!

This summer I interned with Clay Hopper as he directed New Rep’s Classical Repetory Company’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Great Expectations. This fall CRC will take these two shows and tour them around north east high as part of their education department. This past Friday, A Midsummer Night’s Dream previewed for Boston University and […]