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Diana Oh’s {my lingerie play} Installation 9/10: THE CONCERT AND CALL TO ARMS!!!!!!!!!

Two weeks ago, I took off for a weekend workshop in NYC and seized the opportunity to see Diana Oh’s {my lingerie play} Installation 9/10: THE CONCERT CALL TO ARMS!!!!!!!!! at The Rattlestick in the West Village. I have been following Diana Oh’s work online for the past few years and was thrilled to be able […]

A Love Letter To Caryl Churchill

Dear Caryl, I know, I know, it’s been far too long. I think I was sixteen last time we saw each other, and then briefly two years ago in a dramatic literature class. And each time, young people aren’t quite sure what to do with you, but they’re fascinated. After having explored the world of […]

The Handmaid’s (Feminist?) Tale

Please watch (and read) The Handmaid’s Tale. Now that I’ve said that, I have some questions. Some internet commentary surrounding how the show is being promoted on its press tour has raised questions about the reluctance of the producers, showrunner, writers, and actors to call the show feminist and to speak about it as the political entity […]

‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Makes Sixth Female Executives on Board of 28

On International Women’s Day, a male-dominated global investment firm erected a statue of a nine-year-old girl across from the famous “Charging Bull” statue in New York City to draw attention to the lack of gender parity in executive positions on Wall Street. Let’s check in with State Street Global Advisors, the firm responsible for the statue, […]

ME – A female persepctive

While working as the master electrician loading in a main-stage proscenium show at the Wimberly, I encountered a fair amount of sexism. Electricians working under me felt the need to question my prep work, math, and authority in ways I’ve never seen them question my male counter parts. I had to deal with an unreasonable […]

THIS IS MY BIOLOGY. Choke on it.

THIS IS MY BIOLOGY. Choke on it.

REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN. at Company One asked important questions about gender equity. The Company One lobby did too. Walking in I was asked four questions by green and red placards: “How will you work to ensure the health and safety of all women in the U.S. in the next 4 years?,” “What does […]

Where Do I Go? Follow the Children.

Son: Look Dad, it’s Skye! Father: Oh, I don’t like her. Son: Why? Father: She’s a girl. She’s boring. Some context: Skye is the female-gendered (and dressed in pink) dog character on the kids’ TV show Paw Patrol; the father and son were looking at a playset featuring her. I work at a small toy […]

I want to do burlesque.

I want to do burlesque.

This goes beyond my interest in the genre of camp from last year’s dramatic literature course, but I can’t say they’re completely separated. If there is anything in this world that would make me feel confident about my body image, my sexuality, and/or my expression of art, it would to successfully complete a burlesque performance. […]

The Other Color

The Other Color

This week I saw a production of Uncommon Women & Others, which is about the experiences of growing up as a woman, specifically in a college setting. The play addresses issues of sexism, gender roles, and sexual expression. And yet, in the midst of liberal-leaning talk of menstrual blood, clitoral orgasm, and penis envy, something stuck out […]


On March 5th wikipedia will see the 3rd Art+Feminism Edit-a-thon  at the Museum of Modern Art’s Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Education and Research Building from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.. This day of editing will see that Female artists, Feminist art movements, and Feminist Scholarship is better represented across wikipedia. Already, this sounds like […]

Je vous presente: The Multifaceted Artists of CocoRosie, Bianca and Sierra Casady (watch the videos)

Early in October, I spontaneously went to a CocoRosie concert at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston.  With only a hunch that I’d like their music, I frantically called my musical genius brother, Ryan, to get his advice and he said I should absolutely go.  So, I went.  And thank the gods I did. CocoRosie […]

Hard and Soft: The Balancing Act of Female Artistry

Judy Chicago, in her 1974 conversation with Lucy R. Lippard, as part of Lippard’s book From The Center: Feminist Essays on Women’s Art, describes her challenges in balancing the hard and the soft, both in her artwork and in her life.  As a female artist working in a time (1960s-70s) when women were very actively […]

Mee’s Big Love for Playmaking

This weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing Emerson Stage’s production of Charles Mee‘s Big Love, a re-telling of Aeschylus‘ The Danaids. First and foremost, Boston is both a college town and a theatre town, and it was a thrill to engage with the rich, realized work of our downtown peers. The Green Line may be the most […]

A Piece of a Feminist Manifesto

During Winter Storm Nemo I came across a Suzanne Venkner article from Fox News and have been fuming about it ever since. Now, I rarely side with articles that are from Fox News, but this one I felt to be particularly ignorant and frightening. The title of the article? To be happy, we must admit women and […]