Thank You LTC and HowlRound

(by Línda Vanesa Perla) From December 1st to December 3rd a group of approximately 175 Latinx artists, scholars, administrators, and advocates gather in New York City to converse, network, participate in panels, performances, and parties to discuss a range of topics.  This year there was also a gathering of the Pacific Northwest region in Seattle […]

Chotto Desh

Chotto Desh

  Somehow  midway through this semester I found myself in New York to see a production of Hamilton! Honestly, that show deserves more of a novel than a blog post, so I’ll just say that it delivered on the hype and I was blown away. Hamilton was a matinee and my bus back to Boston didn’t leave until […]

My play is cursed.

(By Línda Vanesa Perla) I began “An UnImportant Hunger” in autobiography last year. Meaning this month marks the one year anniversary of its birth. And on its one year anniversary of its birth I lost it. Meaning I lost pages AGAIN. This has happened to me, over the past year, countless amounts of time. Leading […]

Copyright and Theatre

Copyright and Theatre

  Recently the creators of Jersey Boys (a popular show that has been running on Broadway since 2005 and the West End since 2008) have been found guilty of copyright infringement. A federal court in Nevada ruled that approximately 10% of the show can be linked back to text from an autobiography written by Tommy […]

Black Face in Latin American Entertainment

(By Línda Vanesa Perla) By what the title supposes this blog post is about Black Face in Latin America. Now, I must begin by stating that I am not an expert on Black Face or Racial Relations in Latin America. I am by birth a Latina-American and have no actual first person experience that spans […]

Notes from a Phone:

(By Línda Vanesa Perla) 1. I feel like I speak and nothing is heard. I am a mute. A literal (as in the literature usage of the word) A literal mute. Which makes my heart ache Through the smallest vessel causin’ a tightness in my chest 2. I guess I wondered at where I would be […]

The Japanese Man Known as “The Father of Mexican Theater”: Seki Sano

(By Línda Vanesa Perla) Seki Sano, born the 14th of January 1905 into the privileged minority of Japanese society, has become known as the “Father of Mexican Theater”. Much of his influence in the theater has been felt all over Latin America through his extensive teaching of the Stanislavsky method through social and political theater. […]

A Trump-tastic Thanksgiving

Over Thanksgiving break, every café I’ve met friends in, every dinner table I’ve slid into has suddenly become a political minefield. What the hell is happening? And I want to make art. I don’t want to process this election through statistics or demographics or rationalizations, because my heart is bleeding and my friends are bleeding. So […]

The Artist as a Laborer: Not an Elite

By Línda Vanesa Perla In my Latin American Art Since Contact class we are beginning to venture into the Mexican Revolution and the influence Art had on the post-revolution Mexican Identity. I must begin by stating that the Mexican Revolution began in 1910. Meaning Mexico as an independent country is still young. Meaning the Mexican […]

Dramaturgy in the Ballet World

Dramaturgy in the Ballet World

In most major ballet companies (New York City Ballet, Houston, Paris Opera, etc.) there is a person or staff of people employed as the Ballet Masters. Each of them have a repertoire of ballets that they have either seen, danced in, or learned from the original choreographer. These ballet masters are responsible for keeping the ballet […]


I feel pretty lost right now… and my peers looked liked ghosts haunting the halls of the CFA. So I’m trying to ground myself, trying to take care of myself, trying to give myself concrete things that I can do to move forward. This isn’t going to be the last tough day we will have […]

The American Dream

By Línda Vanesa Perla Freshman year I wrote this performance piece concerning the American Dream and my roots as being a 1st generation, of illegal immigrant parents, Latina from South Carolina going to a private college in Boston–The City on the Hill. It marks the beginning of my identity journey that I am currently in […]

Women’s Monologue Submissions!

Women’s Monologue Submissions!

Seeking: Female or non-gender-specific monologues for ages 18+ No restrictions in terms of classical/contemporary, though they must be from a published play. The file must cite play title and author. Please email all copies to   ^ Obviously I’m putting out a call for monologues for women. Why? Because when I came to BU there were […]

Revolt(ing) Response

Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. a play by Alice Birch produced by Company One A response to the Sunday matinee: by Línda Vanesa Perla There was once a vagina named Veronica. She was quite the vagina. So much a vagina that I liked to think of her as my cunt—which she was. Sometimes she disappears […]

The Other Color

The Other Color

This week I saw a production of Uncommon Women & Others, which is about the experiences of growing up as a woman, specifically in a college setting. The play addresses issues of sexism, gender roles, and sexual expression. And yet, in the midst of liberal-leaning talk of menstrual blood, clitoral orgasm, and penis envy, something stuck out […]

A Devising Story

A Devising Story

And so it was decided that the planet must be created anew. But a question floated and bubbled and ballooned into a cry Of who would populate this planet?   Who of the bodies would be drawn out of the clay and into form? The men?                   […]

Los Sharp Person(a)s

(By Línda Vanesa Perla) I begin by saying: That I am aware of the specificity of my person. That I am proud of the specificity of my person. That I fight against the specificity of my person. That I don’t know how to translate the specificity of my person. That I fear the specificity of […]

Empathy… even for conservatives.

Empathy… even for conservatives.

Recently I came across this article on American Theatre Magazine’s website that touches upon the responsibility of artists, particularly in this time of political turmoil. It is an issue that has been plaguing me for weeks. In the university I attend I am surrounded by extremely liberal artists, and the more I look into this, the more […]

On Compliments and the Magic of Theatre

You know what I haven’t heard in a really long time here at BU? A compliment. A compliment from the complimenter delivered of their own volition to the complimentee about work they have done. I have heard compliments about people not in the room. I have heard compliments delivered from a third party – “so-and-so […]


(Once again, by Línda Vanesa Perla #ThanksLily) When you take the most nuanced things and attach the world to them the weirdest thing happens. There is nothing quiet equivalent to the construction of meaning behind something that may not have any meaning—ever. She stands alone on the Train. Her head is stuck in her book. […]