Thank You LTC and HowlRound

(by Línda Vanesa Perla) From December 1st to December 3rd a group of approximately 175 Latinx artists, scholars, administrators, and advocates gather in New York City to converse, network, participate in panels, performances, and parties to discuss a range of topics.  This year there was also a gathering of the Pacific Northwest region in Seattle […]

Chotto Desh

Chotto Desh

  Somehow  midway through this semester I found myself in New York to see a production of Hamilton! Honestly, that show deserves more of a novel than a blog post, so I’ll just say that it delivered on the hype and I was blown away. Hamilton was a matinee and my bus back to Boston didn’t leave until […]

My play is cursed.

(By Línda Vanesa Perla) I began “An UnImportant Hunger” in autobiography last year. Meaning this month marks the one year anniversary of its birth. And on its one year anniversary of its birth I lost it. Meaning I lost pages AGAIN. This has happened to me, over the past year, countless amounts of time. Leading […]

Copyright and Theatre

Copyright and Theatre

  Recently the creators of Jersey Boys (a popular show that has been running on Broadway since 2005 and the West End since 2008) have been found guilty of copyright infringement. A federal court in Nevada ruled that approximately 10% of the show can be linked back to text from an autobiography written by Tommy […]

Black Face in Latin American Entertainment

(By Línda Vanesa Perla) By what the title supposes this blog post is about Black Face in Latin America. Now, I must begin by stating that I am not an expert on Black Face or Racial Relations in Latin America. I am by birth a Latina-American and have no actual first person experience that spans […]

Notes from a Phone:

(By Línda Vanesa Perla) 1. I feel like I speak and nothing is heard. I am a mute. A literal (as in the literature usage of the word) A literal mute. Which makes my heart ache Through the smallest vessel causin’ a tightness in my chest 2. I guess I wondered at where I would be […]

The Japanese Man Known as “The Father of Mexican Theater”: Seki Sano

(By Línda Vanesa Perla) Seki Sano, born the 14th of January 1905 into the privileged minority of Japanese society, has become known as the “Father of Mexican Theater”. Much of his influence in the theater has been felt all over Latin America through his extensive teaching of the Stanislavsky method through social and political theater. […]