Elena Morris

Who Let John Patrick Shanley Have a Twitter

John Patrick Shanley is undoubtedly a prolific playwright. I knew his name before I knew the names of a lot of other playwrights (not that that means his work is any more deserving of my attention than the work of other playwrights who have been out there, but less publicized.) I follow a lot of […]

Performance Response: A Conversation between Wig Out and Black Light

When I see plays that unearth and uplift the lives of people who have been systematically oppressed due to race and LGBTQ issues, I am always grateful to be welcomed into these stories as a white, cishetero woman who does not understand the nuances of the experiences I may see on stage. Before sitting down […]

Here, Have Some Inspiration from the Light Leaks!

This week I wanted to take the time to shout out to one of my peers, who I knew growing up, who is kicking-ass at creating her own content and building an empowering community for female and gender non-conforming filmmakers. Her name is Kim Hoyos. A soon-to-be-grad from Rutgers, Kim has been inspiring me personally […]

The Beautiful Messiness of Twitter

In this day in age of social media, we all have that one platform that we flock to. For me, it’s Twitter. I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly prolific in terms of creating my own content, save for maybe this: Despite my lack of confidence in my own tweets, I have a lot of respect […]

An Analysis of Playwriting Residencies

Ever since taking Dramaturgy, I’ve thought a lot about the importance of financially supporting artists who make their livings doing creative work. Grants, fellowships, and residencies are invaluable for supporting the future generations of artists, especially for playwrights. Recently, HowlRound posted an assessment of the National Playwright Residency Program.  My interest was sparked not only because […]

My Experience in a Men’s Prison

Two weeks ago, my Collaborative Arts Incubator class took a trip to a men’s prison here in eastern Mass*, which this class has been doing for the past seven years as part of BU’s Prison Education Program. I did not know about this program before my enrollment in the class – it was made clear […]