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Antarctica: A Blank Space for Possibility

“We will appear very soon,” reads the sign hanging above an empty stage. At least, the stage is void of people. It is however, covered with instruments—a drum set taking center stage, keyboards and pianos strewn left and right, microphones all over, guitars to the left, other various instruments, and large mysterious domes hanging out […]

A Shipment of Questions

I just came into contact with the script for Young Jean Lee’s Lear.  The play, for those unfamiliar with it, begin as a loose adaptation of King Lear that loosens and loosens until the very idea of theatre is questioned, actors leave the stage for prolonged periods of time, and a Sesame Street episode is […]

Songs At The End of the World: A Subtle, But Effective Environmental Theatreconcert

When I saw the description on OnTheBoards.tv for Songs At The End of the World by Wunderbaum that included phrases such as “actor/musicians”, “high-energy concert” and “spectacle about dreams”, I knew this was the piece I wanted to watch. After working on a production of Vinegar Tom by Caryl Churchill earlier this year in which […]

Ontheboards.tv presents…El Gallo!

El Gallo, a production by Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes, has been described as an “opera for actors.” It tells the story of a group of singers and their director who face their fears and overcome obstacles as they struggle to rehearse a new work in just two weeks. Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes is a Mexican […]

A Critique of Amarillo by Teatro Línea de Sombra

Teatro Línea de Sombra, which translates directly to “Shadow Line Theatre,” is an innovative Mexican Theatre Company originally created as a cultural project in Monterrey in 1993. They are primarily interested in the collaboration of scenery, music, visual art, and other related disciplines with outreach and exchange in contemporary theatre nationally and internationally. Their work […]

On a Journey with Allen Johnson’s ANOTHER YOU

“If you make known what is within you, what you make known will save you. If you do not make known what is within you, what you do not make known will destroy you.” – Gnostic Gospels (as quoted by Johnson in Another You). Allen Johnson’s Another You premiered at Seattle’s On The Boards Theatre […]

An Analysis of Jan Fabre’s The Orgy of Tolerance

{From the Moderator: The following is a response to The Orgy of Tolerance, streamed from OnTheBoards.tv} When a play opens with an eight minute long masturbation competition, I can safely say no matter what else, my interest will be piqued. But with The Orgy of Tolerance, Jan Fabre managed to take me on an emotional […]

Phone Homer On The Boards

Michelle Ellsworth’s Phone Homer, available on OnTheBoards.TV, is a detailed attempt to confront the housewife panic of the Internet age. Ellsworth’s reimagining of The Illiad does less to freshen the story than her incorporation of technology. While the feminist Greek myth has been done and the unraveling abandoned wife has become a trope, Ellsworth brings […]