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Goooooooooooo Sports!

This Friday The Clark Museum in Williamstown, MA is unveiling Albert Beirstadt’s 1870 painting “Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast.” As far as landscapes go, Bierstadt did a pretty good job (this is an understatement). As far as museums go, The Clark is my favorite (Western Massachusetts has a special place in my heart). But […]

Currency of Exchange

Over the course of the past four years, my understanding of theatre as a young adult has shifted and morphed countless times, namely, my idea of how I wish to practice theatre. At Boston University, I’ve had the privilege of taking many exciting movement, voice, acting, and other related classes, yet the university form has […]

Responding to a wake up call

Arts Council England just released a statement on Monday Dec 8th about funding cuts for theatres that don’t show attempts to make their work more diverse. The week before also in Britain, Meera Syal a writer and actor interviewed with The Stage Magazine and talked about vast potential for diverse audiences, in particular Asian audiences, […]

“Self Employed Professional”

A director’s appeal was recently accepted to a case where a group of actors asked for a minimum wage payment for a profit-share production. The controversy arose when two other actors were fired from the production. The director Gavin McAlinden and his company Charm Offensive Limited produced Pentecost by David Edgar in London in March […]

One Does Not Simply F*** with the Dramatists Guild: Champions for the Little Guys

If you haven’t yet heard about the heated conflict brewing between the Dramatists Guild of America and the South Williamsport Junior Senior High School of Pennsylvania, please, drop whatever you’re doing (including reading this blog post), and read THIS. THE ESSENCE OF THE PROBLEM: A high school cancels a production of Spamalot due to fear […]

The Art of Listening During the Revolution

We live in a world filled with disaster, strife, injustice, hate, and greed. I decided to pursue a career in the arts because I want to illuminate the other side of the coin; the side that glistens with hope, love, miracles, kindness, and novelty. I have conceded that one cannot exist without the other. The moments […]

Arts and the Shutdown

When I encountered the article “Taking Stock of the Shutdown’s Continued Impact on the Arts” a yesterday on the ArtsJournal website it felt kind of felt weird to see the article there as only the evening before the government had reached a deal to end the shutdown. However I was still curious. I’ve seen and […]

“Arguendo” by the Elevator Repair Service

  The Elevator Repair Service, a New York City based theatre ensemble founded by John Collins, has been consistently producing an output of new and challenging work since their founding in 1991. They are probably best known for their 2010 seven hour long reimagining of the Great Gatsby, entitled “Gatz.” After seeing the piece, Ben […]

Plz To Have Arrrts Newz?