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capture it.

I am very happy to go home after a long, tiring semester. I’m really excited to see my family and spend time with them. Though I am excited to go home, there’s been something on my mind about home that I haven’t really addressed. Over the past couple months, my grandmother’s memory has been worsening. […]

A Message to Myself

Dear me, You’re graduating college next semester. It’s hard to believe that it’s here. As the end of this chapter inches closer, I wanted to share some thoughts, advice, love that I think is useful for going into your last semester of college and beyond. Create a schedule. Have a routine. It’s important (especially as […]

I took on way too much this semester

I’m doing a lot. I’m stressed. I’m taking 5 classes I have rehearsal every night I’m an intern at Company One I’m the president of a club on campus I’m apart of STAMP (Senior Theatre Arts Major Productions) I’m a teaching assistant of Acting I and organizing the Dreams Project I have a job I’m […]

Feeling Empty

Sometimes I sit down to write these posts and I find that I have very little to say, sitting here thinking about how I have nothing to say makes me think about the general emptiness that can come with being an artist. In discussions, I’ve had with fellow artists I’ve found the common trend of […]

As a writer

The setting is the first thing I think about – Where? In my plays the set becomes more than a prop, it becomes as much of an organism of force as the living characters on stage. When I begin to develop a play I think about how I can manipulate the set into consciousness. How […]

WTF is a play cycle – Pt. 6 – Night Cap

Returning to my former naive B.A. acting studies questions: They can do that? Of course they can, the mind and hand of a writer has no restrictions. If the writer feels the stories out of Pine City is incomplete and if there is an audience that will watch or read another visit. There will be […]

WTF is a play cycle – Pt. 5

I remember the day well when I first heard the words – play cycle A week before, my B.A. acting professor had given my small troupe a play to analyze – Craig Wright’s Orange Flower Water. It was my first real touch on something contemporary – very exotic and exciting to me. The play examined […]