Topdog/Underdog Audience Response

It’s a Wednesday matinee of Topdog/Underdog by Suzan Lori-Parks at the Huntington theatre. A play about two black men in American society, struggling with many systems (societal, economical, fate) that have been rigged against them. The story has Greek elements of fate written into it, what with the characters being named Lincoln and Booth, it is […]

Lessons Relearned

Right now I have no less than 6 drafts of blog posts. They’re a combination of half-formed thoughts and abandoned ideas. Things I have either been distracted from, deemed unworthy of finishing or simply given up on. Usually I don’t have a problem with free thinking prompts, or spaces that give unlimited possibilities to write […]

A Hyperactive Actor’s Reflection on a Week of Auditions

*bing!* You’ve got mail! A new audition! Quick prepare! Read the script read the lines read the notes read the email read the notice read the script read the time read the place read the date read the sides read the lines Get there. Don’t forget. Don’t forget. Don’t forget. The resume. The headshots. The […]

Questions About Identity

So I’m coming out. Not as a bi woman (Lol I’ve already done that. And if you didn’t know… well now you do.) But as a Jew. In my four years at Boston University, not once have I mentioned that my ancestry, heritage and ethnicity, are of Jewish descent. There are a couple reasons for this: […]

Do You Want Tears With That?

If you have known me for more than a week, you’ve probably seen me cry. I’m practically famous for it in my class. Something tense happens? Tears. Someone shares a touching story and gets choked up? I’m choking back my own swell of emotion. The wind blows the wrong way? Hit the waterworks. Whether it’s […]

A Contemporary Epic

The Iliad. One of our most ancient stories, known for its epic elements and length. In 45 minutes. Seem impossible? Not quite. This past weekend I had the privilege of seeing Of Blood and Dirt, A new adaption of The Iliad directed by Jeremy Ohringer and devised by the company here at BU. It was […]

I’m Going to Live

“So what’re you going to do after you graduate?” I cannot count the amount of times I’ve heard this question. Whether it’s in relation to my degree choice or the fact that I am soon to graduate, people always seem to be the most curious about my activities post-grad. This question used to fluctuate between […]


A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about the character I am playing for my thesis and how the qualities of her are forcing me to address qualities in myself. Today I want to talk about one of those qualities. Image of an Unknown Young Woman deals with acts of violence being recorded and […]

The Play’s the Thing eh? Yeah I Wish.

So at this point, I believe we’re all familiar with the whole Pence attends Hamilton, Hamilton cast addresses him directly about their concerns, everyone (read: mostly right-wing, including Trump himself) attacks the Hamilton cast for bringing their politics to the stage and “harassing” Pence. Mike Rowe, former host of the tv show Dirty Jobs, also had […]

The New Drug

I have been thinking about self-care. As artists in a high intensity conservatory program, it is a word that’s passed around a lot. The importance of it. The lack of it. There are conversations, celebrations, interventions and reminders. Even memes. All in the name of Self-Care™. Why? I believe it as a response to a […]

Thoughts and Realities

I have been thinking. I have been thinking about the many different ways to communicate and the many more ways to misunderstand. I have been thinking about hurt people hurt people I have been thinking about what is asked for and what is expected. I have been thinking about genuine thanks I have been thinking […]

The Challenge of the Truth

In London, I took a risk and bought a bunch of plays I knew nothing about. The first play I read had my eyes glued to the page and within minutes of finishing it, I was approaching my roommates saying READ THIS. please. Now. quickly. I need someone else to feel the wonder and appreciation […]

A Love Letter to Musicals

Disclaimer: This is a passionate, impulse driven letter to showtunes with lots of caps lock. Strap in.   Can we just celebrate for a moment how awesome musicals are? How there is a space in the world where saying what you feel is simply not enough and YOU MUST SING OUT LOUDLY WHAT YOU FEEL. […]

The Broken Contract

The lights are bright, the applause is deafening, and as I’m taking a bow, I am finally able to smile naturally as myself and not a character. I rush offstage, hurry into the dressing room and undress and redress as quickly as I can. Because tonight, a rarity has occurred. Tonight, people came to see […]

Its Cheaper Than Therapy

I write about myself. A lot. I may change names or looks but there’s a high chance that if I written anything I’ve felt passionate about it, it’s based on people and events in my life. I honestly don’t know if I am capable of writing about anything else. -For Example- My second life-river was […]

The Right to a Story

Two summers ago, one of my closest friends came out as transmale. Now for our conservative, right-wing, heavily Christian community, this was quite the upset. The summer became a battle. Everyone had a opinion. There was a split between those who supported him through this transition, and those who did not. Parents were the loudest […]

A Stair Metaphor

So I have a terrible habit. When I am the midst of some sort of action, whether it be brushing my teeth, cooking dinner or climbing up stairs, I think, “What would be the worst possible thing that could happen to me right now?” What if, while handling this boiling water, I lose my grip […]

So Why the Helmets?

This summer, I had the privilege of volunteering for the SummerWorks festival in Toronto. Being brand new to the Toronto scene, I had no idea what type of theatre was going up. Often times, I’ve enjoyed walking into a new performance or experience completely blind to avoid assumptions and expectations. And when my first assignment […]