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Finally Being in “The Room Where it Happens”

That’s right folks, it happened. This past Tuesday I finally found myself sitting in the Richard Rogers Theatre,  better known as”the room where it happens.” I bought my tickets for Hamilton a year-ago. After saving ~many~ of my summer paychecks to snag a coveted seat (which I will admit was located only three rows from the very […]

The “Other-ed” Theatre

After reading Victor Maog’s post on HowlRound elaborating on his own Asian American experiences and the “2014 National Asian American Theater Conference and Festival”, I couldn’t help but think about my own experience with Latino theater and our movements to organize together. Specifically I was comparing what I’ve seen and witness so far in the […]

Beside the Table

Auditions are so unnatural. We all know this…it’s a necessary evil, yadayadayada. Everyone tries to make it better. But they’re just ew. (Funny our dramaturgy teacher brought this up today as I was about to offer this entry! It’s always a fact of life in this business!) I have been fortunate enough in my time […]

Tabloid Theatre! The Dramaturgical Question in Celebrity Casting

Oh, what a tangled web we weave in a conservatory program like the Boston University School of Theatre. Theatremaking is often personal. The process of honing that craft is, in my experience, always personal. We work from what we know, adapting our raw material—depending on one’s approach images, memories, imaginative prompts, etc.—to suit the task at hand. No […]

Let’s All Do Away With Auditions

An actor is often at his or her worst in an audition. The monologue they have over-rehearsed to apparent perfection goes out the window. They are inevitably congested or too hot or their pants are too tight or they spilled their coffee on their shirt during the bus ride over. Even if the casting director […]

Can You Hear Me Now?

I first read through the article, Call for Student Submissions for the School Days Series by Thea Rodgers honestly by accident. I went to click on the article that was just above this one and ended up hitting the wrong link; I started to read anyway. I’m glad I did. This article seemed to hit home in […]