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Should we make new spaces, or integrate existing power structures?

Today, on the UN’s International Day of the Girl, the Boy Scouts (BSA) announced that they will be opening up to accept women. By 2019, women will be able to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. This comes after the BSA allowed transgender troopers in January, allowed openly gay troop leaders in 2015, and allowed […]

There must be a Right Answer that isn’t the White Answer

As a preface, I am white. I identify as a woman that uses she/her/hers pronouns. I struggled with whether or not to post this, because as a white woman, I was unsure if it was my place. I was also    unsure why I assumed that just because I was a white woman, I couldn’t […]


I came into the process of Our Town with a few ideas about the play. It’s overdone. My mother announced my casting assignment to the web of her community and people of my grandmother and mother’s generations came out in droves to tell me what character they played in high school… Is wide acclaim and […]

Into the SOT’s Deep End Without Floaties

Sleep deprivation, welcome to your tape.


I do theatre and watch theatre to commune with something: OVERWHELMING POWERFUL LARGER-THAN-EVERYTHING EVERYTHING.   After a good show: I am ELECTRIC Every cell in my body is dancing to techno at a Berlin nightclub I can run across the country in a single blink (.) I am INJECTED with life force MYSTERIUM TREMENDUM TREMENDOUS, […]

Stories Worth Telling

I recently read a blog post by my classmate, Ally, in response to Scott Slavin’s post about solo performance on HowlRound. In Ally’s post, she concludes that the main purpose of solo performance is telling a story worth knowing. I agree, and further ask, what constitutes a story worth knowing? Both Scott and Ally remark […]

The PLAY After Tomorrow (It’s Wicked Cold)

It’s a tough time to be doing theatre in Boston right now. Let’s face it, it’s a tough time to be doing anything in Boston right now. WCVB news calculates that it’s snowed 96.3 inches this season (in an article posted two days ago, and it snowed again yesterday, and today, so I’m simply dying to know where we’re at now…). […]