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Diana Oh’s {my lingerie play} Installation 9/10: THE CONCERT AND CALL TO ARMS!!!!!!!!!

Two weeks ago, I took off for a weekend workshop in NYC and seized the opportunity to see Diana Oh’s {my lingerie play} Installation 9/10: THE CONCERT CALL TO ARMS!!!!!!!!! at The Rattlestick in the West Village. I have been following Diana Oh’s work online for the past few years and was thrilled to be able […]

Who I am.

As a male identifying person in the School of Theatre, I cannot say that I have been let down by casting in any way. I have been given many roles that I am proud of. However, the thing that scares me about the casting process in this institution is the fact that I will never know why I received the […]

A brief start to a conversation on sexism in the artistic and technical side of theatre

A few weeks ago on Equal Pay Day the New Jersey Theatre Alliance released a graphic of women in theatre compiled from a Broadway League study published in 2016. The graphic and study only looked a a few of the many positions on the artistic and technical side of theatre and yet it is still […]

In Response: Unconcious Bias

Scrolling through Facebook, I came across an article published in American Theatre Magazine “Age & Gender Equity in the Arts to Hold Symposium in Portland”. So many things excited me about just the title. I grew up in Portland, OR and I miss the town everyday. Portland is often hailed as a progressive city, and […]

I want to do burlesque.

I want to do burlesque.

This goes beyond my interest in the genre of camp from last year’s dramatic literature course, but I can’t say they’re completely separated. If there is anything in this world that would make me feel confident about my body image, my sexuality, and/or my expression of art, it would to successfully complete a burlesque performance. […]

“Submitting Like a Man”

A Howlround writer, Mya Kagen, has created a project where she submits all of her work under a male pseudonym to compare her success rates.  She’s just started the project this month, so she’s still unsure of how the new name will be received over time. I find it sad that a woman, or a […]

In Response to Emma Weisberg

I was perusing Howlround.com earlier today and came across Emma Weisberg’s piece “The Language of ‘Gender Parity’: 19 Women Playwrights and Their Voices.” Something that comes up in the piece is the idea of “women playwrights” and the narratives they tell. Weisberg spent some time interviewing women playwrights and their perspectives on the gender parity […]

Rounding Up #TheSummit

On Feb 17, 2014, Peter Marks of The Washington Post hosted an event called The Summit — it was a public conversation with several of D.C.’s leading artistic directors. As Peter noted in an article for The Washington Post, “Several months ago, Molly Smith, artistic director of Arena Stage, approached me with an intriguing offer: organizing and moderating a series […]

Women and their Closets

Doctor – man. Nurse – woman. Teacher – woman. Professor – man. Director – man. Dramaturg – woman. The latter relationships between (the) gender (binary) and occupation is unsettling and unfortunately present in our daily lives. Although we look to our work to push the envelope of art itself and our communities, the hierarchies that […]

Hard and Soft: The Balancing Act of Female Artistry

Judy Chicago, in her 1974 conversation with Lucy R. Lippard, as part of Lippard’s book From The Center: Feminist Essays on Women’s Art, describes her challenges in balancing the hard and the soft, both in her artwork and in her life.  As a female artist working in a time (1960s-70s) when women were very actively […]

I mentioned in my last blog post that I am currently in a devised production where we explore female historic figures whose lives have somehow intersected with the infamous Henry VIII. We are an all female cast dealing (mostly) with all female issues– (but how can we say what those qualify as, in all honesty). […]