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The use of reflection

During a week where “our School of Theatre [is] in the spotlight”, it’s an easy excuse to reflect on my time here. Coupled together with the fact that today is the day that process papers were due for my major & year, and I’m finding it very easy to sink farther and deeper into the […]

Holding on, Letting go

In Alexander class today we shared monologues. Every person would rehearse their monologue in front of the class, examine their experience, work with our teacher to explore their experiences and then take another go at their piece. Something rang true for me watching my classmates share their pieces. Acknowledge what’s happening (perhaps anxiety or tension […]

Theatre for Business Students

Today we performed Act 1 of Our Town for 450 Questrum business students. -Business students are people, too! They laughed and smirked a little. They got into it and I felt them respond more generously the more generously I gave my focus to the story. I felt them retreat as I got lost in the […]

Devising Theatre

Theatre is always an experiment. There are independent variables. Always. But, I am specifically interested in theatre that is designed to be and is regarded as, “experimental.” This semester I am a student in Jeremy Orighner’s Collaborative Theatre Ensemble class. At 9:30am every Tuesday and Thursday I dive into Devised Theatre Land. I am in […]

A Process of Outrunning Fear

I’ve chosen to pursue theatre professionally after college and it’s exhilarating. It’s exhilarating to see how much I’ve grown into my own skin these past four years at and outside of BU. My freshman year I came in as an International Relations major, yet I knew I’d always be a theatre minor — I couldn’t […]

Meditation on Noise: Why Can’t I Just be SILENT for Once?

Two years ago a very dear professor (awesomely) invited our class to dinner at his home. Maybe a tradition my British professor imported from the Isles. All I know is I felt like a veritable Harry or Hermione sitting at Professor Slughorn’s table, pretty sure I’d peaked cause, y’know, #SlugClub. He and his wife prepared […]

A Manifesto, of Sorts.

  To begin a journey, I have to know where I’m coming from. Otherwise, how will I know when I’ve done something worth noting? Three years ago, I was given an assignment to create an artistic manifesto. What did I see the future of art to be? What did I want to bring to art, […]

Chicken Soup for the Dramaturg’s Soul

“I live in the world. The theatre is where I go to work,” quoth Canadian playwright George F. Walker in an interview with dramaturg and Milwaukee Repertory Theatre literary manager Paul Kosidowski. This very measured distinction struck me as helpful and healthy. My experience working towards my BFA in the School of Theatre has often […]

Reclaiming Confusion in the Name of Process

Ladies and gentlemen, Eugenio Barba illuminates the beauty of word etymology: During the rehearsal stage, when the actors only follow a personal and coherent thread in their scores, the dramaturgy as a whole may remain confused, even chaotic, for a long time. Confusion, when it is sought after and practiced as an end in itself, […]