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The Other Color

The Other Color

This week I saw a production of Uncommon Women & Others, which is about the experiences of growing up as a woman, specifically in a college setting. The play addresses issues of sexism, gender roles, and sexual expression. And yet, in the midst of liberal-leaning talk of menstrual blood, clitoral orgasm, and penis envy, something stuck out […]

Intentions: Why are you telling this story?

During the Tonys this summer, I remember celebrating The Color Purple’s win of Best Revival of a Musical, and watching the heavily-white production team take the stage to accept their award. A friend of mine texted me almost immediately. “That’s not right,” the text read. “There are too many white people up there.” A few days later, […]

Vaginas 4 All

Last week I saw Boston University Athena’s Players annual production of The Vagina Monologues. It was clearly a meaningful experience for the cast and crew. All of my friends who were involved said they had a great time. I loved going and supporting them. But I had a little bit of a problem. I’ve actually […]

Disability in Theater

So I have always kind of vaguely been aware of the fact that people with disabilities are hugely underrepresented in the theater. Like, duh. How many productions of have you seen where the lead actor is actually in a wheelchair because he can’t use his legs? If you said zero, we would have said the […]

Start talking, so we can start doing

This semester has been quite a journey for me, in terms of expanding my thinking about diversity and inclusion in theatre.  Working towards greater diversity in the performers we see on stage–and in Boston in particular–has long been a drive for me.  My wife and I frequently  talk about this very topic.  As an artist […]

Boston Mayor’s Art Czar

wbur Boston’s NPR news station recently put out a piece entitled “Who Should Be the Mayor’s Arts Czar? Our Nominees.” This piece lists Ed Siegel and Greg Cook‘s top picks for the person to fill the role of the new cabinet level position in the arts that Mayor-elect Marty Walsh promised us. The list was […]

My American Theatre

I came to Boston University on a passion for performing, a need for the magic of rehearsal and a belief that theatre can change people. I took a huge personal leap in deciding to take control of my future and push my passions as far as I could. Coming to BU I have been learning […]