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Celebrating Black History Month in Boston

Happy Black History month! This Black History month I have made it my goal to support as many black artists as possible. The following list is compiled of artistic and creative endeavors that I have come across that feature black artists prominently, tell stories of black people, and/or are created/hosted by black people in Boston. […]

Interview with the Playwright of “Not____Enough” Bella Pelz

I sat down to tea with the wonderful Bella Pelz today to discuss her inspiration behind her new play “Not____Enough.” The play explores identity, sexuality, mortality, reality, gender, race and our very foundations as human beings. It will be performed this Monday at 6:00pm for the Boston University School of Theatre’s “Sunday and Monday Sitdowns” […]

Uplift: A Spoken Word Event

Uplift: A Spoken Word Event

I’m really excited for an event happening tonight that I helped plan! The event is called “Uplift: A Spoken Word Event.” This event is a collaboration between Alianza Latina, Umoja and Black Artists Alliance. This night of spoken word will feature five poets who will all be sharing original work on identity, their culture, society […]

It is a known fact that a woman do carry an evening bag at dinner time

Saturday, October 21st. 9:30 PM. GSU Alley. Boston University. Drag on Fire had just begun. I know, I know, Jasmine and Dillon already posted about drag this week. But I’m going to as well. When Evan told me in June that he wanted to plan a drag show on campus through the Trans Listening Circle, […]

How Theatre School has let a Black Girl Down

It was a dream come true when I heard about the upcoming season for the 2017-2018 school year at BU’s School of Theatre: we’re putting on an August Wilson play, Gem of the Ocean. For those of you who don’t know who August Wilson is, August Wilson (1945-2005) is one of our great American playwrights. […]

An Hour with AXIS Dance Company

Today I had the incredible pleasure and honor to attend a collaborative workshop between the 2017 Acting Major class and AXIS Dance Company. AXIS is a dance company based in Oakland, California that exists to “change the face of dance and disability.” They are currently celebrating their 30th anniversary, and are here for a week-long residency […]

A Semester on BU Fusion: Part One

A Semester on BU Fusion: Part One

This semester, I have found myself covered in a thin layer of strange fog. I keep doing weird things, I have dashed out of my apartment at warp speed, twice leaving fully-prepared breakfasts just sitting on my counter for a whole day. Maybe it’s a senior year thing, or I am too all-over the place, but I […]

None of my assignments are done, but I sure am.

Getting a BFA is hard. Theatre school is hard. Being at the College of Fine Arts is not easy. It is a choice to take on the work load and stress that this program demands. The learning standards are rigorous and the expectations are very high. The hours lean on superabundant. The line between personal life […]

Inviting Dramaturgy into School of Theatre Productions

The other day in class the topic of dramaturgy in the School of Theatre came up — specifically, that we do not have a standard way of working with a dramaturg on SOT shows. This comment was off-hand and we did not delve deeply into it, but I have been ruminating on the subject for the […]

Burst My Bubble: Race in the Theatre

I live in the bubble. Boston University provides me with a beautiful bubble, safely padded with educated liberals who are all just as fired up about social injustices as I am. The bubble is a wonderful place where my beliefs and ideals are strengthened, confirmed, validated. The bubble is a place where I am allowed […]

The Extent of Inclusion

This week, in an article written by Erica Nagel, I was introduced to a new method of theatrical inclusion called Relaxed Performances (RP’s). RP’s are designed to offer sensory- friendly performances of fully produced plays so as to invite members of the theater going community who are sensitive to sensory overload (ex. those on the […]

Help! I need to take down a “hierarchy of power”

Today, as I do every Tuesday and Thursday, I went to my “Gender and War” political science seminar. On paper, this class is everything I could have dreamed of: a discussion of “…topics [that] include gender biases in international relations theories, female and male roles in war, and rape as an instrument of warfare. Also […]

earnest isn’t an excuse, boys

earnest isn’t an excuse, boys

Throughout my theatrical career, especially at Boston University, I have been surrounded by almost exclusively women in rehearsal rooms. The first three shows I was in here were 90-100% female casts. And man, there is something special in a female-dominated room. Safe, powerful, someone probably has a tampon if an emergency arises. However, within the past two […]


I do theatre and watch theatre to commune with something: OVERWHELMING POWERFUL LARGER-THAN-EVERYTHING EVERYTHING.   After a good show: I am ELECTRIC Every cell in my body is dancing to techno at a Berlin nightclub I can run across the country in a single blink (.) I am INJECTED with life force MYSTERIUM TREMENDUM TREMENDOUS, […]

Musical Monotheism and Creative Crusades

Please excuse the title’s alliteration – I simply can’t resist a catchy title. On the topic of titles, had this blog a place for subtitles, you might find this above as well: On Allen Ginsberg’s “Jaweh and Allah Battle”: A very brief foray into poetry, religion, war, and opera. Alright, now that the topic is properly […]

Devising: So Easy, Even A Kid Can Do It!

Devising: So Easy, Even A Kid Can Do It!

Recently I was cast in BU’s Identity Project, a devised piece of theatre that grapples with identity as a human being. From Day-1 of this project, I was overwhelmed. A play out of nothing? A good play out of nothing? A play that asks real questions and provokes people to ask real questions out of NOTHING?! […]

A Manifesto, of Sorts.

  To begin a journey, I have to know where I’m coming from. Otherwise, how will I know when I’ve done something worth noting? Three years ago, I was given an assignment to create an artistic manifesto. What did I see the future of art to be? What did I want to bring to art, […]

Vaginas 4 All

Last week I saw Boston University Athena’s Players annual production of The Vagina Monologues. It was clearly a meaningful experience for the cast and crew. All of my friends who were involved said they had a great time. I loved going and supporting them. But I had a little bit of a problem. I’ve actually […]

Currency of Exchange

Over the course of the past four years, my understanding of theatre as a young adult has shifted and morphed countless times, namely, my idea of how I wish to practice theatre. At Boston University, I’ve had the privilege of taking many exciting movement, voice, acting, and other related classes, yet the university form has […]

Responding to a wake up call

Arts Council England just released a statement on Monday Dec 8th about funding cuts for theatres that don’t show attempts to make their work more diverse. The week before also in Britain, Meera Syal a writer and actor interviewed with The Stage Magazine and talked about vast potential for diverse audiences, in particular Asian audiences, […]