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Where is my Hair Care

I am in the beginning stages of investigating black female hair in plays. This identity is my own, so why not start here and then expand…? In my opinion and research, there are blind spots and there always will be, but I hope it will open my awareness and eyes to other hair around me […]

A brief start to a conversation on sexism in the artistic and technical side of theatre

A few weeks ago on Equal Pay Day the New Jersey Theatre Alliance released a graphic of women in theatre compiled from a Broadway League study published in 2016. The graphic and study only looked a a few of the many positions on the artistic and technical side of theatre and yet it is still […]

Some Thoughts on Billy Porter’s Topdog/Underdog at the Huntington

First off, the set energized me to the core. It consisted of a dilapidated, nondescript room at the center of the stage that didn’t bind itself to one moment in time. It feels as if it could’ve been a room during any time within the 20th and 21st centuries. The director, Billy Porter, goes as […]

Why is tech week a thing?

Recently, towards the beginning of tech week over at the Charlestown Working Theater where Actors’ Shakespeare Project is producing Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II, I overheard my director speaking with our lighting designer about how he wishes that the traditional theatre rehearsal process was not one that separated the actors’ rehearsal from the designers’ construction of the […]

BaltiTour BaltiPoster

I am an employee of Boston University’s School of Theatre office as a marketing assistant. My primary role in this position is the design and creation of the show posters for each quarter. Each marketing assistant is assigned three to four posters per quarter that best matches their design talents and theatrical interests. (As someone […]

Big Dance, Big Tech!

This past weekend, I saw Big Dance Theater’s Short Form at the ICA, in part because of Ilana’s recommendation, in part because I needed to see a dance piece for my Light and Movement class, and in part because I’m trying to get myself out into the creative world of Boston more often to appreciate […]

Socks… Yes or No?

As I begin to create my website and portfolio for the real world… I have had the opportunity to scan through my past productions and analyze the way my approach to theatre has changed. Through each production, my understanding of each show has continuously grown and developed… and this has dramatically impacted my experience as […]

The Art of Stage Management (Yep, I said it)

In the stage management community there are repeated cycles of discussion around the same topic: We are managers in the arts. But are we also artists? In the past, I have heard arguments in favor of stage management artistry mostly focused on the “how does s/he do it” element of our jobs. The way stage […]

Theatre Against Actors, or When Did Our Art Become Craft?

In my post on the blog last week, Cheap Theatremaking, I discussed the tendency of some individuals on the performance or non-technical side of theatre to advocate minimal designs, and the negative reaction that can ensue from designers and production staff who feel their work may be undervalued. This week I would like to look […]

Cheap Theatremaking

I have often heard professors of some of my theatre classes advocating the advantage of not having “a lot of stuff” onstage. In other words, minimal (or no) constructed design elements. Natural light in an empty room can be even more effective than a fancy light plot on a proscenium stage, we’ve discussed. We’ve looked […]