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My Favorite Play

My favorite play is Katori Hall’s The Mountaintop. In it she tells the fictional story of the night before King’s assassination at the Lorraine Motel. The play doesn’t ask to be a history play about the hero King but rather serves to be a portrayal of the human King. The opening scene you hear King peeing […]

An Artist to Know

Hakim Bellamy was the first Poet Noble Laureate of New Mexico, which was a title he received in 2014. Starting in 2010, he has won Best Poet in Albuquerque’s annual newspaper poll, “Best of Burque” every year up to today. His creative roots are in slam poetry. His most recent projects have come to include […]

Jukebox Musicals- And Why Most of Them Suck

I’ve been listening to a good amount of jukebox musicals lately. It started with the rabbit hole that is Michael C. Hall singing a bunch of David Bowie songs in the musical “Lazarus”. I was surprised by just how, well, good he sounded singing Bowie’s repertoire. Then, I checked out “Rock of Ages”, refreshed my […]

Let’s Discuss “Women+ In Theatre”

In case you missed it, last week, five female identifying theatre artists created a closed Facebook group called Women in Theatre, now titled something different, but we’ll get to that. And yo, sh** got real, real quick. Before I dive any further, I feel its super important to note that I myself identify as a white […]

The New Frontier

Note- The link to the article mentioned in this post is located below. The content of this article, despite what it attempted to say, assumed that live theatre is not political by nature. It also articulated in more indirect terms, the notion that commercial theatre should become political in order to sell tickets. But, hasn’t […]

Dear Young Jean Lee

Dear Young Jean Lee, Hey.  You can call me Cor. (Not everybody does, but you can.) You don’t know me…yet, but we have something special in common. Namely — Pullman, WA.  Not your play, although, yes, I bought a copy the moment I found out it existed. Pullman, WA, the place.  You grew up there. […]

Sci-Fi’s New (Old?) Theatre Magic

I want to connect some threads I’ve been thinking about as of late. Part of this stems directly from one of my last blog posts, in which I re-examined my conceptions of ancient Greek theatre and how it can become a fascinating tool for a modern audience to reconnect with the past and, by doing […]