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Sci-Fi’s New (Old?) Theatre Magic

I want to connect some threads I’ve been thinking about as of late. Part of this stems directly from one of my last blog posts, in which I re-examined my conceptions of ancient Greek theatre and how it can become a fascinating tool for a modern audience to reconnect with the past and, by doing […]

Truth or Beauty?

In The Method Gun, the performers of the Rude Mechs pose this question to the audience: “Truth or Beauty?” It seems rather easy to answer. Yet when sitting in a theatre, a space predicated on finding truth through artifice and meticulously crafting beauty through forced perspective, the question becomes infinitely more complex. The truth is not objective, […]

Deconstructing Tropes in Jordan Peele’s Get Out

By now, you’ve either seen or heard about Jordan Peele’s new movie, Get Out. And honestly, if you haven’t seen it, you better do better. And that means seeing it in theaters, because it’s better that way. SPOILERS AHEAD, Y’ALL   Jordan Peele is one half of the mastermind behind Key & Peele, a sketch […]

The Magic of the Opening Sequence

Recently, I have noticed the importance of opening credits on television. In this day of age, where instant gratification is the norm and sitting through an hour-long program without checking Facebook is a challenge, the opening credits must peak enough interest to keep the viewer engaged. Now…to put my theory to the test…let’s take 2016’s […]

The Sandy Hook PSA

The Sandy Hook PSA

First, if it hasn’t passed through your Facebook timeline yet, give this video a watch. The video is called “Evan”, and was put out recently by advertising agency BBDO New York in collaboration with Sandy Hook Promise – a nonprofit organization founded by family members affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December of […]

“Dear Straight People”

“Dear Straight people, Why do I have to prove my love is authentic, why do I have to prove my love is authentic, why do I have to prove my love is authentic?” “Dear straight allies, thank you, MORE PLEASE.” The dawn of Donald Trump’s presidency is a reality. Through this event, the atrocities of […]

Has Rocky Horror Lost its Edge?

There are droves of negative reviews for Fox’s shiny new made-for-TV special The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again. The one thing missing from those reviews is surprise. It seems that no one had high expectations for the film this time (warp) around. The skepticism is understandable, because the original was […]