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Thesis Part II: Start where you are

Two weeks ago, I decided to re-evaluate the frame of my thesis. I have since found a co-collaborator who is part of the Deaf community and am thrilled to have his creative mind and spirit in the room. We decided to meet after thanksgiving break and I honestly, realized too late that I should have […]


I’ve been thinking a lot about collaboration within the theatre and who gets to participate in it.  I feel like this is stemming from the vein that my whole accessibility post was about.   But, I’ve genuinely been wondering why sure individuals gets to participate in collaborations within theatre more easily than others. My running […]

On Theatre, Math, Airbending

On Theatre, Math, Airbending

i am exhausted. it’s hard to speak my heart today. this is what i have for you: i suck at math but absolute value always made sense. if you have forgotten absolute value is a number’s actual magnitude. or any number’s distance from zero. |-5| will equal just, 5. when held in the arms, of two parallel lines, […]

On Compliments and the Magic of Theatre

You know what I haven’t heard in a really long time here at BU? A compliment. A compliment from the complimenter delivered of their own volition to the complimentee about work they have done. I have heard compliments about people not in the room. I have heard compliments delivered from a third party – “so-and-so […]

Keyword: Collaboration

I’m currently in the throes of devising a new play.  It’s really hard.  I’m doing this with three other classmates of mine at Boston University, all just a few weeks away from receiving our long awaited BFA’s.  With three weeks left until we open, we’ve established and (finally) finalized a concept, a basic structure of […]

DIY Theatre: Not About Yourself

Do It Yourself theatre is not a new idea for me. I know about wokring hard for projects I care about and using non-traditional methods to see those projects through. Just because its not a new idea to me doesn’t mean I don’t smile wide when I see it hit the news. So reading this […]

Being the Playwright in the Room

I’ve been wanting to post for a little while now about the experience of writing and producing a new play for my senior thesis. It’s probably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. I wrote the first draft of the play in the first semester of my junior year, took a […]

Role Playing

When I came into the School of Theatre program as a freshman in the fall of 2011, I had a very narrow idea of what theatre was, and in particular, the roles in which a theatre artist could be involved: i.e. director, designer, playwright, technician, actor, etc. By the end of my first year at […]


  “We are not here to question the possible, we are here to challenge the impossible.” Something that I find so amazing about Ted Talks is that the presenters are so passionate and eloquent that I can’t help but to be completely wrapped up in what they are saying. These presenters demand attention. (For those of you […]

Patience is a Virtue

When I graduate I want to start a theater company. When I graduate I wanted to start a theater company? When I look around at theater around me and when I am with a group of peers riffing on our ideas of a dream theatrical experience I can hardly stop myself from bouncing off the […]

Ensemble Ouija Blender?

As an MFA student at Boston University, I have the privilege of being in a class called “Design Master Class”–which is a bit of a misnomer, because it looks to be quite more. It could ostensibly be called “The Collaboration Blender”. All of the first year Master’s degree students in all of the disciplines, from […]