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Interview with Sarah Whelan, the Playwright of “White Rabbit”

Today, Sarah Whelan and I sat down to talk about her play, White Rabbit, which will be read on Sunday at 4 PM! Here is a transcript from that conversation Me: How did this play start? S: So I was, well I’ve always been fascinated with how people react to tragedies or war and how […]

Storytelling Outside of Your Own Experience

“What right do you have to tell stories outside your experience?” This question crops up again and again as a director, and while it’s certainly a valid question, I’m wholly disinterested in it. Rather, I actively advocate for engaging in storytelling outside of your own experience. I think it’s essential. As a director, my job is […]

How Far is Too Far In Creative License?

Tony Award winning playwright Brian Friel has something to say about Asolo Repertory Theatre‘s production of his play  Philadelphia, Here I Come. Well not too much to say, more of a resounding “No.” Asolo Repertory Theatre of Saratosa, Florida is producing Philadelphia, Here I Come as one of their eight plays being produced between January […]

Nine times…a charm

I was extremely heartened to read the New York Times article by Zachary Woolfe about his experience viewing a single opera nine times at the Met. His usual seat, (the Times’ reviewer’s seat, Row L seats 1-3 and likely on that early press opening-night,) had afforded him a lovely place on a lovely night to review […]

Interdisciplinary Theatre, Within the Theatre

It has long been established in my mind that Stage Managers are interdisciplinary artists. (This is the reason why it’s so difficult to explain in a sentence what we do.) The Boston University curriculum for Stage Management (at least from 2011 onward, since I have been a student) encompasses very few technical Stage Management classes. […]


Dramatic irony is ridiculously satisfying. Suspense, the theatrical aphrodisiac, builds to a climax as the audience member sees the unsuspecting character heading towards the banana peel center stage. In the theatre we restrain ourselves from calling out for fear of ruining the gag. Or even if we do find ourselves shouting “don’t go down to […]


Lily Janiak’s Howlround blog post, about Young Female Characters in plays that she’d recently reviewed, struck a real chord in me. In the post, Janiak had seen three young-female-centric plays in the San Fransisco Bay area, all with varying degrees of success in creating strong, true characters. She was able to stand behind one, which she […]