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Notes on things to do as a Production Dramaturg at BU

What follows started as a reference list for me, but I think it could be useful for me to be transparent with what I’ve learned in the hope that it can make the role of Production Dramaturg easier on other students.  I am not doing this work perfectly.  That’s part of why I’m writing it […]

I’m No Expert, But…

I love art museums. They have always filled me in a way that is simultaneously comforting and unexpected. I will go back to the same exhibit in a museum time and time again, just to feel that while the art itself has not changed, maybe I have, and maybe now it looks a little different than it did before. […]

Critical Response: “Over There” by Mark Ravenhill

“Over There” by Mark Ravenhill is an incredibly well crafted portrayal of the conflict in Germany between native Berliners after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Twin brothers, separated by the wall for years, reunite and attempt to live together, learning that despite having blood, parents, and a cosmic connection all in common, they are […]

“She Kills Monsters” at Company One Kicketh Major Ass

I first encountered She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen when a friend of mine was auditioning for one of the parts in the play. I read sides with her to help her prepare for the audition and from that, I was able to see snip-its of the script. Even from these short excerpts, I could tell […]

You for Me for Us

Mia Chung’s You for Me for You, a New England premiere presented by Company One, imagines the cost of the Crossing from North Korea to the Unites States for two sisters who have only each other left to lose. The play captivates from the opening scene as, with measured movements and without fear of silence, […]

Voice and guitar recital: This is my letter to the world

For those interested, here is a 21st century version of a salon recital that I am involved in next Saturday night in Dorchester with the Greater Boston House Concert Series.  A portion of the ticket sales will be given to organizations helping families in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  I believe there is a discount […]

La Traviata: A Dramaturgical Experience

I am so glad I went to see La Traviate last night at The Huntington. I so rarely find time to watch shows that are not BUSOT affiliated, let alone operas and classical concerts. The show was not only beautifully organized (blending three schools within the CFA to form one spectacle of a representation of an infamous tale) […]