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Opening Doors

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the word “success.” What does it mean? Does it even exist….. Who defines it? What happens if you achieve it? Then I stumbled across the documentary Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened on Netflix and some of these questions were answered. The film, directed by Lonny Price, is […]

Every Brilliant Thing

If you live a full life and you get to the end of it without ever once feeling crushingly depressed, than you probably haven’t been paying attention. –Every Brilliant Thing by Duncan Macmillan I first came across Duncan Macmillan’s Every Brilliant Thing about a year ago. I had ordered a bundle of Macmillan’s plays in order […]

Shockheaded Peter: Youth and Darkness

This week I saw Company One’s production of Shockheaded Peter at the Modern Theatre, and I can safely say it is entirely like anything else I’ve seen before One of the production’s primary tools is a celebration of the dark and grotesque. The company members perform vignettes that intersect the title story line. These include a story about […]

Collective Efforts: Playwrights Unite

I dream to be a playwright one day… which is probably the most stressful dream I have ever had. While I hide in the safety of BU’s College of Fine Arts typing away I am continuously nagged at by one fact. Soon enough I will have to start submitting my works if I ever want […]

Those Who Shape Our Futures

Two things have sparked my reason to write today… an occurrence in Drama Lit where we were shown this video and Howl Round providing me with this article. The video starts off with an amazing quote: If you want to make a human being a monster, deny them, at the cultural level, any reflection of themselves. […]

Family Theatrics

Sometimes my friends tell me I should write a play about my family. Not my immediate family, but my extended family on my mom’s side. There are seventeen of us in the Boston area–eighteen if you include my great grandmother’s sister, Phyllis.  There are also four generations of us. I’ll make a chart so it […]

Matchmaker, Matchmaker: The New Play does Online Dating

Anyone ever been on OkCupid? It’s a hipper match.com, an online dating site which has you declare you interests (from sociopolitical to sexual), take personality quizzes, and post some arresting photos—all to attract a potential mate. Once you’ve completed your OkCupid profile, you’re visible to all sorts of local hopefuls who may or may not […]