Jasmine Brooks

New Stories

In my Black Women’s History class with Professor Ashley Farmer we were given the assignment to pick a black woman who has had a significant impact on either the BU community or Boston as a whole. This assignment gave the class an opportunity to investigate the life of a notable, black female figure and share […]

Black Girl Hair and Headshots

I had an audition the other day, and when I handed the auditioner my headshot, he looked at the headshot and the real life version of me and was confused. In my headshot, my hair is blow-dried and curled, and in person my hair was in a high bun. My make up was relatively the […]

A Letter of Thanks

My senior thesis. This weekend. aaaaaAAAAHHHH!!!!! This is probably the shortest tech week process I have ever been apart of. loaded in Monday. Tech days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is open dress. Friday we open. WOW. Though there are many things I could look to as sources of stress, I want to instead flip […]

An interview with playwright, Olivia Z. Cote; director, Jasmine Brooks; and dramaturg, Elena Toppo of the World Premiere of Final Flight

Final Flight is a new play by Olivia Z. Cote that is being produced as apart of the Senior Theatre Arts Majors Productions’ season at Boston University, School of Theatre. I conducted the following interview with my thesis partners, Olivia and Elena, as a way for us to discover more about this play, Olivia’s process […]

Am I allowed to be casted in this?

It’s Spring (not according to Boston weather), so it’s that time of the year when theatre companies start releasing their seasons for the upcoming year. As I was browsing the internet, I noticed that Speakeasy Stage announced their season, and that they would be producing the New England Premiere Jocelyn Bioh’s School Girls, or the African […]

Baby Director Takes her First Steps

Last week I embarked on a new journey: my thesis! For my thesis, I’m directing a new play called Final Flight by Olivia Z. Cote. Already, this project has been filled with so much love and energy that it has made this experience really enjoyable thus far. The feeling of learning about a play with […]

The Room Where it Happens

(Not Hamilton. I wish, though.) Last night I went to the read through of Company One‘s production of Wig Out! by Tarell Alvin McCraney and I was so incredibly moved and inspired by the evening. First of all, the BU representation on the show is awesome. Current student Dev Blair and Miles Jordan, and alum […]