What is a Latina lighting designer/stage manager?

In my research for Elliot, A Soldier’s Fugue, I came across a speech given by playwright Quiara Alegria Hudes to open a festival in her hometown of Philadelphia celebrating Latinx playwrights. I was particularly struck by the following, So what exactly is a Latino playwright? Can you spot her in a crowded room? Is she […]

Learning how to say “no”

No: a one-syllable word indicating a response in the negative. One elusive, surprisingly difficult to say syllable. Sometime in mid-March, I was musing over my schedule for the remainder of the semester and noted that my final production assignment – ASM on Le nozze di Figaro – ended in late April, leaving me 3-weeks at the end […]

A brief start to a conversation on sexism in the artistic and technical side of theatre

A few weeks ago on Equal Pay Day the New Jersey Theatre Alliance released a graphic of women in theatre compiled from a Broadway League study published in 2016. The graphic and study only looked a a few of the many positions on the artistic and technical side of theatre and yet it is still […]

Timeless Lessons in Comedy

“Self-reflection” is the intention that our director, David Paul, gave our cast for the Act IV finale of our production of Le nozze di Figaro. After our final room run on Sunday, he told us that one of the challenges of this production is striking the balance between the outrageous humor and more serious aspects of […]


I’ve been struggling with what to write this week because I’ve been feeling particularly unmotivated and overwhelmed. I’ve interacted plenty with art – I sat in on a tech session at the Huntington, I saw Topdog/Underdog, we finished staging the opera and I’m in love with our staging of the Act IV finale, I’ve read some […]

The Logic of Props

This quarter, I’m one of the assistant stage manager’s on the Opera Institute’s production of Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro, or in English, The Marriage of Figaro. Even if you don’t know opera, you’ve heard of Figaro. Please note, that one song that goes “Figaro, Figaro, Figaro” is not from The Marriage of Figaro, it’s actually from Rossini’s The […]

Faith and Giving

“What is faith? What is forgiveness?” These were the questions I was met up walking up to the Roberts Theatre to see SpeakEasy’s production of Grand Concourse. Below the text was a stack of post it notes and a cup of pens inviting the audience to share their thoughts. I took a pen and immediately realized I had […]

In Response: Unconcious Bias

Scrolling through Facebook, I came across an article published in American Theatre Magazine “Age & Gender Equity in the Arts to Hold Symposium in Portland”. So many things excited me about just the title. I grew up in Portland, OR and I miss the town everyday. Portland is often hailed as a progressive city, and […]


Starting bright and early this morning, the production departments begin a marathon strike to take down the three mainstage shows of Q3. Technically, I began strike at 10 pm tonight for ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore at the Wimberly Theatre, right as the show ends. I was in at 9 am in the morning to lead a full […]

Our Obligation to New Work

This week on my Facebook timeline I came across an article announcing, “Fort Worth Opera Fires Longtime General Director Darren K. Woods“. The word “fire” immediately caught my attention. In short, the company was quoted as wanting to find someone who would “focus more on business and management”, and that while they appreciated Mr. Woods artistic visions for the […]

When it’s all worth it

“It’s Carmen, right? You said you’re a double major. With all of the hours and work that Jon was talking about, how do you manage it?” “Honestly, with great difficulty.” I went on to elaborate on the choices and sacrifices I’ve made in order to *hopefully* graduate in 2018 with a BFA in Stage Management […]

Snow = contingency plans

On Wednesday evening, when the university officially announced Thursday’s classes were cancelled, the Wimberly Theatre erupted in a chorus of “woo” and “yes”, and two quiet “fuck”s. Everyone loves a good chance to sleep in, catch up on homework, and just plain relax before the long tech days, but for the technical directors and master electricians […]

ME – A female persepctive

While working as the master electrician loading in a main-stage proscenium show at the Wimberly, I encountered a fair amount of sexism. Electricians working under me felt the need to question my prep work, math, and authority in ways I’ve never seen them question my male counter parts. I had to deal with an unreasonable […]