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The use of reflection

During a week where “our School of Theatre [is] in the spotlight”, it’s an easy excuse to reflect on my time here. Coupled together with the fact that today is the day that process papers were due for my major & year, and I’m finding it very easy to sink farther and deeper into the past.

Sometimes this is useful. When I was writing my process paper, I found that there were many things that I didn’t realize I believed until they vomited themselves onto the page. I always learn a great deal about myself and my own opinions when I’m struggling to meet a deadline, and obviously process papers are no exception.

But after my paper was printed, stapled, and mailboxed, I found myself spiraling deeper into this self-reflection. I found myself reflecting on not only big themes, but even small things, like: Hey, when’s the last time I got a full night’s sleep? Is the last time I showered really six days ago? When’s the last time I had the willpower & time to eat healthy? Have I drunk enough water once in my entire life?

In a time when tomorrow is a final presentation for my psych class and a sizable amount of work is due for dramaturgy on Monday, this is not the time to throw myself a pity party. Sometimes [read: finals time], self-reflection and awareness is the least helpful trait of the theatre artiste.

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