The Dramaturgy of Found Objects

In a recent HowlRound post called “A Guide to Constructing Empathy”, James Wyrwicz unpacks two performances he witnessed that “demonstrate empathy”. Say Something Bunny! by Alison S. M. Kobayashi and Margarete by Janek Turkowski both use found objected to help facilitate their story telling and act as foundational glue for the pieces they are creating. […]

I’m Looking to Understand

This past Friday, April 20th, we staged another walkout in conjunction with the March for Our Lives movement on the anniversary of the Columbine shooting. The students at Marjory Douglass in Parkland called for this walkout at the DC march on the 24th as another step toward comprehensive gun reform in honor of those lives […]

Besides Beyoncé, Today I am Celebrating Kendrick Lamar

In the past 48 hours Beyoncé reinvented live performance and Kendrick Lamar won the Pulitzer Prize in Music for his album ‘Damn’. This is the first time the award has been given to an artist outside of the classical or jazz categories. The recognition of hip hop as a legitimate art form that takes time to […]

Reimagining Theater

In a recent article published to American Theatre Magazine, critic Diep Tran, had some questions and concerns about some upcoming Broadway revivals set for this  season and next. In her article titled “Kiss Me, My Fair Carousel Woman: Now Is the Season of Our Discontent” she asks “Is this really the right time for a spate […]

BU Happenings: Arts and Social Change

If you are around BU on April 6th at 7pm there is an amazing event happening at the BU Photonics Center called Protest Without Words: The Arts and Social Change Panel Discussion and Concert (the concert part is not happening until April 9th) Description: “Dr. Harvey Young, Dean of the College of Fine Arts, composer […]

A Historical Look at the Hashtag

At the British Museum, there is a currently an amazing collection titled “The History of the World in 100 Objects”. This is an “100 part series by Neil MacGregor, made during his time as Director of the British Museum, exploring world history from two million years ago to the present”. The objects are from may […]

Dr. Harvey Young

This Monday I will be attending a talk with actor, Willem Dafoe hosted by Dr. Harvey Young, the Dean of the College of Fine Arts. When hearing the news about this exciting conversation I was struck with how little information I actually knew about our new dean. In January 2018, Boston University College of Fine […]

Who Else?

I realize that I have taken up lots of space on this blog with talks of solo performance. I love the art form and find great value in the structures provided by an individual artist commanding a room for story telling purposes. This break I was privileged to see two solo performances during my travels. […]

In This Room, I am White

This week has been full. I attended the first meeting for MFOL (March for our Lives) on Saturday. This was a four hour event run by two students, one in high school and one a freshman in college. I entered the room without knowing a single person. Normally, this is not an experience I mind […]

The Times They Are A-Changing

American Theatre recently published an article announcing Bill Rauch, the Artistic Director of Oregon Shakespeare Festival. He is stepping down from his position to take on a brand new role at The World Trade Center performing arts center. While an exciting new opportunity for Rauch, I can’t help but notice this beginning to be a […]

Hair Hair Hair

My hair has always been an issue. From the time I was little it was a source of contention in my house as my mother, who is white, has no idea how to deal with my hair. She loved the curls and couldn’t help but fawn over its softness, but when it came to management […]

Happy Black History Month!

So, I have a very complicated relationship with Black History Month. On the one hand I love it! It is a month of national celebration! Since it was written into national observance in 1976, by President Gerald R. Ford, it has been a declaration of the importance that black people have played in American history. […]

Let’s Talk Back, Shall We?

This weekend I attended two shows in Boston. The first was ‘Unveiled’ written and performed by Rohina Malik at New Repertory Theatre. The second was ‘HYPE MAN: a break beat play’ by Idris Goodwin performed at Company One Theatre. Both of these productions were new plays that handled issues of racism, white supremacy, and allyship […]

#MeToo in the American Theatre

TW: Sexual Assault, Rape, Harassment In the past month, the national and international #MeToo movement has picked up considerable steam as justice has been served to seriously violent perpetrators of sexual assault and harassment. Major media outlets have been dedicating hours of air time and page space to exposing those who misuse their power, target […]

Shakespeare’s Globe is making a BIG mistake

This woman pictured above is named Emma Rice. She is one of the founding artistic directors and collaborators for the Kneehigh Theater  based in Cornwall and in January of 2016 she was named the artistic Director for the Globe Theater in London. This was a huge step for the Globe as she was their first female […]

The STEAM-y Approach to Science and Art

My first introduction to science education was through my father, who has been a NASA employee for over 35 years. He works in education and outreach for the agency which focuses on many things including the encouragement of young people to connect with science and math. I didn’t really start to care about my dad’s job […]

A Theatrical Thanksgiving

2016 James Family Thanksgiving Cast List: (me) (my brother) (brother’s girlfriend) (Mr. Dad and Mrs. Step-Mom) (my father) (my mother) (my uncle) (my mothers best friend/mentor) (my mother’s best friend/mentor’s husband) (aunt) (other uncle) (cousin) (cousin) Production Note: This play was produced in two parts. Once before the great door bell ring and once after. […]

After the ‘Revolt.’

Wednesday November 9th was a very tough day. As a Hillary Clinton supporter and one that surrounds myself with other like minded people, I awoke in the morning  with my partner to my side, crying. We rose out of bed feeling like someone had just died. The sense of loss was palpable. I arrived at […]

As I prepare to be moved…

I am writing this post in sweaty anticipation. In about 8 hours we will know who the 45th president of the United States will be. Either a “racist-mysoginist-cheeto-dusted-human-trash-fire” or a highly educated and experienced politician ready to lead this country into the the next wave of economic, social, and political success. (I can’t take credit […]

Thank your Stage crafters

(This is for college students in a program where being on crew for shows is a graduation requirement even if you are not design & production. I’m sorry if this alienates any Drama Lit Blog fans out there but maybe you can relate. Saying thank you is important) Stop what you are doing. Remember. The hours […]