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So I Don’t Forget

Instead of…

Stare at a blank page. Fall into a pit of self destruction. Let the minutes tick, tock by. Compare myself to someone else. Do nothing. Say sorry. Negative self talk. Bully myself. Go through the motions. Give up. Project on a loved one. Hide. Isolate. Binge Netflix to escape. To avoid. To go numb. Stay blocked. Envy another. Talk bad about another. Replay old memories. Reply past mistakes. Romance the past. Romance the future. Judge. Feel like a failure. Fear the unknown. Discredit my power. Sell myself short.

Instead of disconnecting from the present moment––

I can…

Shower. Eat. Kiss. Snuggle. Run. Paint my nails. Roll down a hill. Walk outside without a coat. Call my mom. Do the dishes. Encourage a friend. Listen to a song. Color. Take my dog to the park. Dance to a song. Sing a song. Make my own song. Encourage myself. Clean one room. Clean both rooms. Clean the bathroom. Drive. Put on my cat ears. Ride the bus. Ride the train. Do laundry. Make a list of nouns. Find a reason to be thankful. Hug. Bake cookies for my neighbor. Wash my face. Take a bath. Light a candle. Drink a glass of wine. Smile. Meditate. Have sex. Put on lipstick. Plan tomorrow. Love the process. Embrace the journey. Welcome the mess. Take myself on an artistic date.

In order to…

Be a healthy, strong, brave, authentic, empathetic, generous artist in our world today.

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